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Enduro E-Bike (BBSHD-Mid Drive) 11Speed Custom Build (No BMS)

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    Enduro E-Bike (BBSHD-Mid Drive) 11Speed Custom Build (No BMS)

    Hi, Just Finished my Enduro E-Bike Frame Build, "Mid Drive" BBSHD with:
    - Shimano 11Speed (M8000 XT) Drivetrain

    - Lekki Bling Ring HD 46T Front Sprocket (Recently changed to a 42T to reduce motor temps & increase Torque for Hill Climbing)

    - Sunrace Rear Cassette 11 - 46T (Great for good top speed & Excellent hill climbing ability

    - 203mm Shimano XTR Icetech Rotors & XT Calipers with Magnetic Cut-off switches fitted

    - Harley Davidson 3 position Ignition switch fitted

    - Solid State Relay for Control Work such as Joining 8S & 7S Batteries in Series, USB, & Led Headlights (100A 80v Dc to Dc Relay) 3S/3P Aux. Battery located at front of Frame for Control Work

    - Rims (Mavic EX 729) with Maxxas Minion 26 x 2.5" Tyres

    - Front Hub (Shimano Zee HB-M640)

    - Rear Free Hub (Shimano ZEE FH-M645 32H) EFHM645D50B .... It's a 12mm axle and 150mm OLD and 32Hole (couldn't get 36Hole Rim at the time of purchase)

    - Rear Shock (Rock Shox Vivid R2C (240 x 76mm)

    - Front Forks (Rock Shox RC 200mm Travel)(Dual Crown) Thanks Luna Cycles

    - 15S / 10P custom made Battery Packs (without BMS) 1x 8S/10p & 1 x 7S/10p (Currently Charging to 4.1V per Cell without issues)

    - Made custom Enclosures with Soviet Miltary Plugs for Cell log 8M portable Voltage Checkers to monitor All Battery Voltages while out on the Trails

    - Modified IP54 German Power outlets (cut out guts of outlet and used flip style Ip54 Black cover faces to house my Charging/Balancing Plugs - 1 x Charging, 1 x Balancing & 1 x Charging & Balancing for the Aux 3S/3P Battery which operates Solid State Relay, USB, & LED Headlights

    - Custom made Battery box to house 2 x 35AH Battery 8S/10P & 7S/10P (Batteries can be easily removed from the side, once bike side panel is removed) (3mm insertion Rubber Lined/Glued throughout Box)

    My biggest ride to date was a 36km Hard & Hilly Terrain Trail, with plenty of battery left (3.78v per Cell left- Charged initially to 4.1V per Cell)

    I Estimate I should get around 65 to 75km range (Pas Only) on the above mentioned type of Trails

    Slowly increasing Charge cut off Voltage from 3.98v per Cell (first Ride) to 4.1V per Cell (15S Pack) with each new Charge/Ride. "No Over Voltage Error codes or Motor Temp issues" (Using commonsense dropping down to low gears up steep hills)

    Currently my Battman Wattmeter is reading 61.4V Total Straight off I-Charger at Charging/Balancing to 4.1V per Cell

    Another Pro I noticed is because I running 61V (15S) my "Pas Current" has dropped down ⬇️ to "22Amps max" on Steep Climbs (No Throttle-Pas Only) Before I use to run 58.8V (14S - my old Bike Build) it would nearly always reach 30Amps on the same Trails & Hills. Ofcourse using the Throttle will still max out at 30Amps. So i would think this reduced average Current (Pas Only) should also help increase Range

    Total Bike Weight (Including Batteries) = 32.9Kg

    Total Distance Travelled to Date = 230Km with No Mechanical/Electrical Issues or Chain Derailment at all
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    Here's a few more pics


      Plugging in & Charging E-Bike with I-Charger 4010 Duo (Plug & Play Setup) & Led Headlight operating (Photos)


        Finally hit some Trails, A good mix of Bush & State Forests to enjoy
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          Very nicely done. Q: why do the trees have no bark?


            You don't have eucalyptus in MI? LOL

            That's what the bark looks like on them...


            • max_volt
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              Ah, that would explain that lurking koala.

            The actually shed there bark from time to time, depending on the Species of Eucalyptus Tree (No Koalas lol) There getting rarer unfortunatly thanks to Deforestation etc.
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            • AZguy
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              We got plenty of them out here... nuisance trees...

            Luckily there are no "Drop Bears"


            • max_volt
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              No one expects the dreaded carnivorous koala.
              I believe the only shedding tree around here is the odd sycamore.

            When I worked in Brisbane the koalas were considered dangerous.... they wander across the roads and cause accidents...


              Hi Patrick :) Very nice ebike.
              I would like to buit the same with ERT ASI BAC800 ,24x3" tire ,Sunrace 8v modified to 3v (30/36/42) with Luna 30T.

              Do you think chain alignment will be good with Luna 30T and 3v speed only ?
              BBSHD 100mm or 120mm ? Need spacer ? Need custom made caliper for standard shimano zee 203mm and rear shifter mount ?

              Thanks you very much !
              Good ride !
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