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How to Greatly Increase your range on the Sondors Ebike

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    How to Greatly Increase your range on the Sondors Ebike

    Stock the Sondor bikes have a 36V battery with a capacity of 8 amp hours. The 8 amp hours is a scientific measurement of how much energy your battery holds. (like gas in a gas tank in a car). Not only should you consider amp hours when calculating the capacity, but also the voltage.

    Read this article on increasing your range without upgrading your battery

    To easily get more range you get 50 percent more range from the same sized battery by upgrading to a Luna 13ah 36v bottle battery which is the exact same size as the stock pack and fits in the same cradle. Because of the quality of the Panasonic cells you get 488 watt hours which will give you MORE THAN 50 percent range than the stock pack. Because they use the same bottle... you will be able to use your old battery and your new battery (carry one in a back pack) giving you 150 percent range. These are not exaggerated numbers. These range increases are simple calculations and 100% fact based on ebike math.

    Read our article one ebike math here

    How is it possible for the range to vary so much in two packs exactly the same size, both containing name brand 18650 cells?

    There is a big difference in the performance of different 18650 cells even when they are made by big name makers like Samsung or Panasonic. For example the stock Sondors pack contains this Samsung cell which has very poor energy density 2200mah and also very low price.

    The Luna pack uses the Panasonic NCRB cell, which has a very high energy density 3400mah and also a high price.

    Extreme Range Upgrades

    For people who want extreme range upgrades, and get a real over 100 mile range with a stock battery pack, you are in luck. The awesome plastic battery box is huge on the Sondors BIke and is easy to fit a lot of battery. The bad news is this upgrade will take some shifting around of the existing components, you will lose the convenience of the quick, release battery mount, and with big ebike batteries comes big price.

    You have an easy answer if you are not willing to do all this.... you can keep buying more upgraded bottle batteries, and carry them in saddle bags mounted on the bike, or carry them in a backpack. Every bottle battery you add you increase your range by 13 ah....however you cannot fit more than one at a time in the triangle box which is a minor convenience.

    To get a huge range increase over the stock Sondors , and contain it all in your battery box, its time to upgrade to a Triangle battery.

    Read our story on triangle batteries

    To do this you need to remove your battery mount and wire a connector to fit whatever triangle battery you get.

    read our article about installing connectors)

    Making the Leap and Moving Away from 36v

    While you are doing this major upgrade you might as well consider upgrading to a higher voltage battery which will give you more range and more power. This is a very important decision...because if you are going to this large your going to be spending a lot of money, there is very little reason to stick with 36 volts which is less efficient than higher voltages, and also limited in power output.

    We recommend a 48 or 52 volt battery. 52 volt batteries are sweet ( read article on why 52v batteries are awesome) but now you are getting a bit too much power for your sondors motor (1100 watts 2x the stock wattage) and if you are not careful you can easily smoke your motor gears or motor. Luna sales replacement gears and replacement motors which are both easy installs in case this does happen.

    To upgrade to a higher voltage battery you will also need to upgrade your stock sondors controller...which is an easy 10 minute upgrade, and will give you high speed to go along with your high range.

    Upgraded controllers for your sondors can be found here.

    I have one of the early Sondor's bikes and its just stopped working, does anyone know of a competent shop in SE England that undertakes repairs?


      This is the Sondor's battery, is the an improved unit available that will fit the current set up - dealing with Sondor's is hopeless so I am looking for a reputable new supplier??
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        Is there an easy way to wire two batteries into a Sondors with ease? Is there some Sondors owner who has a kit or set up they would like to share? I have a customer with custom racks and a second battery. He would like to be able to run both and to be able to switch back and forth between batteries. It is a pure novelty, and the quirkier the better. Within reason, but we are open to options for dual battery wiring and switch advise.

        Thank you!
        Chris Z



          This thread here will explain how to parallel 2 batteries together. They need to be the same voltage and Ideally purchased at the same time with the same cells.

          Depending on which connections are on the batteries this is a link to xt90 parallel connectors:

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            So I did the controller upgrade and LCD upgrade, and now am looking into a battery upgrade. The thing is, I like the whole 52V upgrade, but I also really like the swappability of the original battery. I'm debating on getting the 36V upgrade battery from LunaCycle :

            but I'm wondering if I would not be better served getting one of these, since supposedly the controller upgrade works with up to 52V :

            Providers of quality ebikes, electric bike batteries, motors and components at affordable pricing.

            Now, my two biggest concerns are (a) swappability, and (b) more power / range. I know the safest way is simply to get the 36V, but if upping my voltage gets me a ton more power and range with only a minimal chance to burn out the gears / motors, perhaps thats better?

            What would make the most sense here?


              So, I fell on my Sondors and damaged the hub cable. I will need to have either the cable replaced or the whole motor and cable. I already have an upgraded controller, so I am wondering If I should upgrade the motor since I need to probably replace it anyway. would I need to upgrade the battery as well? Unfortunately, I am on a very tight time table. The bike leaves in 6 days and I leave in 13, So I will be getting parts and having them installed in potentially harsh conditions.
              I did find a 36V500W hub motor Which seems to work without needing a new battery. ( we have several between the 4 of us)
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