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    But this is now an open discussion post, we wont delete it as there is good advice and info in there!
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    I'm curious about Shimano's new e-bike IGHs. The SG-C7000-5 is a 5 speed with a 263% range and first gear 1:1 (aiming at a 20 mph max, IIUC) and the SG-7001-8 is an 8 speed 307% with 1:1 5th gear.
    They're part of Shimano's Steps system; would it be a useful upgrade for the Stealth? I deal with hills and could be persuaded to beta test one... :-)


    Can anyone confirm the sizes of the threaded holes on the seat stays above the axle? Mine appear to be different left - right. Unfortunately Luna support wasn't much help.

    EDIT - M6x1.00 - cleaned the holes out really well, then a little oil on the screws and it worked out just fine. Probably just paint/assembly crud in there.
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      Curious about replacing the batteries when they wear out, my commute is about 20 miles each way, so would charge/ discharge the bike about 300 times a year. This would be less than three years with a typical battery life? Then what’s entailed it remove/replace the cells? Would I have to pull the motor to gain access to the cells?


        MinnRider While I hate to have to say 'it depends', that would be the most accurate answer. The number of cycles you get is highly dependent upon how the battery is treated.

        See this page for a detailed rundown:

        See this page for supporting information


        • MinnRider
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          Thanks, the info on care and feeding of the batteries for maximum life is helpful. Still interested in the implied part of the question, though, once they do wear out, how difficult is it to replace them? With an external pack, it's pretty obvious and easy. Since these are in the downtube, how will I pull/replace them? I'd guess by pulling the motor and sliding them out individually, but perhaps there is an access opening on the downtube? Thanks.

        • paxtana
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          You need to remove the motor and the entire thing slides out from there

        Regarding motor removal, I get to 4th and the chainring and all just spin with the BB and tool, clockwise. How do I turn just the splined nut? Not the first time I’m confused.


        • Jasdidit
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          The picture shows how I did it. The threads are reverse, so I just used a 1/2" cordless impact driver in reverse to bbbbrrrraaaack, spin it right off. I tried using a ratchet, but that was just futile. It might be possible to use a rod through a hole in the chain ring to keep it from moving while the nut is loosened, but I had the 1/2" driver and decided to use that to prevent damaging the sprocket.

        bikedog good question. I don't have the answer but you could ask Joel, he's the agent that took those nice pics for us. He answers phones so if you give us a call and leave a message for Joel he should call you back within a business day.



        • bikedog
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          Thank you. I spoke with Joel yesterday, a veritable font of wisdom he is. The impact wrench did not work for me, however, during our conversation he came up with put the rear wheel and belt back on and use the disc brake to immobilize the chain ring. Worked peachy keen swell. Joel opined that might be the factory method.

        Hi -- I'm interested in upgrading the Carbon Gates Belt Drive group set on the stealth -- it ships with 22T rear and 55T front, and I think the belt is 120T? I'd like to get more power from each rotation / go faster, but am curious what rear cog/front cog would work to these ends. The LBS says if I replace either the front or the rear, I need a longer belt. Ideally, I'd like to keep the 120T belt and simply upgrade either the rear or the front cog...from my understanding, either making the rear smaller (presumably less teeth?) or the front larger (more teeth) would be way to go. I basically want the 3 gears to mean more (right now, I tend to just stick in the third gear because pedaling in 1 or 2 doesn't feel like it gives me enough power). Thanks for your help.


        • ncmired
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          Gates provides a few belt / sprocket calculators here: (smartphone and a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet).

          I experimented with the spreadsheet - given your current values I could not come up with a sprocket combination that retained your current belt AND maintained your presumed, current 444.6 center distance (changing both front and rear sprockets).

          A few problems - the smallest Gates rear sprocket that will fit the 3-speed hub is a 21 - not far from your current one. you do have some wiggle range with the front sprocket IF you're willing to change the belt.

          Be prepared for some sticker shock when purchasing the parts, as Gates has an exclusive. A 63 tooth front to a 21 rear, using a 125 belt might work (450.6), and help a little with the already too short belt issue (but, $$$).

          I'm sticking with chains ...
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        • D1NY
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          timmyd Was wondering if you ended up doing this? I'm thinking of doing the same.

        • timmyd
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          D1NY - I ended up doing the upgrade, it's working really well so far. Details are here:

        Hey, Looking into purchasing one of these bikes. What is the recommendation for cold weather riding and storage? I intend to ride 10ish miles a day throughout winter and I have an un-heated garage. Will I be needing to bring my bike in to charge?

        Our temperatures average lows of 16F sometimes dropping much lower. I assume this might not be a good fit since its a built in battery, unless I want to bring my bike in every night.


        What size is the seat post? 27.2mm?


        • Sebz
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          it's on the listing : Selle Royal saddle with 30.7mm seat tube

        The display on my Fixed Stealth is on the fritz. It seems like a loose connection on the LCD. Sometimes it works; other times the screen is all white. In this state I can still change the PAS level and turn the bike on and off, but I can't see any information on the display.

        Thus I ordered a replacement 500c. Unfortunately the cable coming out of my replacement display has a female end, while the one that came with the bike has a male end. Needless to say the cable display coming from the bike has a female end. Is there an easy way to connect the 2 female connectors to use my new display, or do I have to change the wiring harness?


          The 500c is not built for that system, it is incompatible. Unlike our bikes custom built to order this does not use BBSHD/BBS02 and as such cannot made use of that product ecosystem. You should email support to see if we can source you a replacement stock display.


            Thanks for the guides! Is it possible to power / control DC lights from the built in power systems? I couldn't find an obvious place to get switched DC power. Was looking at something like the Light & Motion Nip and Tuck system.


              Not easily, since all the wires are internally routed. You would be better off with a wireless light on a bike like this.


                Hi, I want to buy one of these while I am on holiday in the states and bring it back on the plane with me. How easy is it to remove the 18650 cells and am I correct in saying there are 20 of them ?


                • paxtana
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                  It is illegal to bring that battery on any passenger aircraft, per international regulations. Does not matter if it is in the bike or not.

                  To remove the battery, remove the motor, then the battery slides out the bottom.