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    Originally posted by ribeyesteaks View Post
    This is why you apply a filter to extrapolate a percentage from the discharge curve.
    No one knows how much juice is left based on a voltage reading.
    All you need to know is that you should not discharge the battery below a certain voltage

    You don't need any complicated formulas


      Originally posted by tpellaton View Post
      Howdy all. Newbe here. I am interested in buying an X1 and have been reading the posts to get a feel for the bike from all of you. I am conflicted. Currently I have 2 giant stance bikes, the wife's bike has a bbs02 and mine has a BBSHD both of which I custom programmed. The Giant stance seems to be an OK bike and the battery fits well on the downtube. Happy with both bikes and mine has many upgrades. We are seniors and do not ride crazy hard like all the younger people.

      My bike which is a 2015 giant stance has about 8000 miles on it and the frame, swing arm, shocks, forks, etc are near worn out, however I am able to keep it going for now. I have always treated toys like this roughly, but not so much now that I am older. My best options may be to replace the Stance (if they ever become available from Giant) or buy an X1 when they become available. After reading the many great posts here, I am concerned about the reliability of the X1 as well as parts and battery availability.

      Have many of you here made the transition from a custom bike with a BBSHD to X1? Regrets? Please tell me all about your experiences if you have. Much appreciated.

      From what I have read it would be great to have an X1 with a BBSHD cleanly tucked into it. I am also concerned with the lack of programming of the X1. My custom programs for the BBS are simply even spaced power increments for predicable easy use with some very low power options for flat rides. We also like the shift stall sensor and brake cutoff safety switches. We do use the throttle sparingly mostly for starts and slow speed navigation through tricky terrain trying to minimize pedal strikes and potential falls.

      Thanks for any feedback.

      Thanks for all the good Feedback on the X1 purchase upgrade. My wife rode a girlfriends Bulls with the brose motor a few weeks ago, then told me it was time to get rid of her pogo stick bafang converted Giant Stance. Gotta love her for making this upgrade decision so much easier.

      So I ordered two medium X1's, non ludi with silent gear. So glad they suddenly became available! Must have been destiny. The claim is for shipping in early July. Hope it is sooner since they already have my money. We have had the converted Giants since 2015. I guess it is time to take a bold leap into the ebike future as these ebikes and mountain bikes in general have really had a lot of evolution in just a few years. From reading the many X1 posts in this forum I am impressed that Luna has listened to you all and practiced some continuous improvement for this product. Specifically, I saw a post from the moderator stating that all new non- ludi X1's will be shipped with the 14.6 firmware update and the website says new bikes will have the shorter crank arms and a 38t front sprocket. Very cool. I see that replacement batteries are also available and am thinking about buying one spare while they are still available. Also looking forward to a solid frame and much improved suspension. My Giant bike frame, fork and swing arm especially flexes so much in a hard turn that you can hear the tires rubbing.

      I also appreciate reading about all the maintenance experiences. I will definitely tighten and loctite all the frame/ pedal fasteners put a strap around the battery, check seat post cable, etc. I have had to find broken frame parts/ fasteners for my Giant. What a nightmare and Giants are sold in stores everywhere.


        X-1 Medium non ludicrous for sale in so cal 92675. It’s like new with very low miles. 40 tooth chainring, 860c display, short crank arms, 14.6 programming and all of the original parts. Why wait, ride now.and save the sales tax. Local pickup only. $3300 obo.


        Originally posted by jjdicecco View Post
        Click image for larger version

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        I'm looking for the horst link for the rear shock...This is the bracket/link that holds the rear shock(its the linkage that holds the circled bolt)...I am going to have to drill the bolt out to remove this bolt and want this part just in case it gets destroyed. please anyone that can guide me in the right direction or have one they are willing to sell.
        I'm having similar issues with my Luna X1 as other users, need to find a replacement for this horst bolt. It fell off the bike after transporting it inside my car, likely my fault due to lack of maintenance. Not sure where to source this, in the meantime my bike is useless. Please help!


        Hey guys, newb here, waiting on delivery of an X1 <edit: Ludi version>. CAN'T wait to get it. Wondering what are popular upgrades and tools I might consider getting. Didn't see a sticky or FAQ on it, so feel free to point me to one if it already exists. I will be doing mellow single track rides, beginner 60 yr old rider. Been riding dirt bikes for years, have a Husky FE 350 and an Alta MXR (electric dirt bike - I LOVE my Alta, Lol).

        So far I am thinking:

        Seat: WTB Volt or WTB Silverado seat.
        Pedals: One Up Components Composite pedals.
        Dropper post: will see how the stock one does, but if I don't like it, thinking one of the PNW Components droppers.
        Brake pads: will see what the stock ones are like, but if they need changing am going with MTX Braking Gold label pads.

        Don't know what I'll need, have no bicycle tools at all.
        Spoke wrench.
        1/4" torque wrench: I have one so will have to double check the values on the bike once it gets here to see if mine will work.
        Work stand: what's a good stand capable of holding the heavier X1?
        Any other bicycle specific tools I will need?

        Assembly and pre-first ride checks:
        14.6 Firmware loaded? I asked Luna if they could load it, they said they may be able to, no guarantees.
        Check and torque/tighten all bolts, nuts, spokes. Loctite upper and lower/rear suspension pivot suspension pivot. Crank arm bolts.
        Check battery screws, battery is tight?
        Adjust dropper post assembly (if needed) as per:
        Check suspension (air pressure in shock too).
        Grease headstock bearings, linkage?

        Any other parts, tools, and maintenance you guys would suggest? Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks. -Ed
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        • jcvandd
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          I have two X1s, one if the first waves for me and a new one with the larger chain ring and shorter crank arms fir my wife. Love them both. Main thing I'd check is the torque on any of the bolts. I'd also make sure to apply some blue loctite in certain places. My crank bolts came loose in the middle of a ride and my wife's rear axle came loose while transporting. We love ours, just keep up with routine maintenance.

        • joegold100
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          I've had my X1 for a couple of months and I'm also awaiting delivery of a second X1 for my wife in July. Here are some items worth mentioning:

          - TIRES: The tires that the bike comes don't balance right. No matter how true your wheel is they will always wobble and make the rim appear as bent. This is confirmed by Luna support. I can't tell you how many people who ride behind me always tell me I need to get my rear rim trued. But, it has been trued twice since I got it (as well as the front twice too) and it still looks bad. In addition, I also converted both front and back to tubeless. The tires are tubeless ready but you will need to remove the tube, add new valve stems and fill them up with sealant. This a messy job and I chose to have a local bike shop do it for me. To convert both tires, plus purchase new stems, and true the rims again the cost was about $75.

          FRONT THRU AXLE - The front axle on the bike requires you use a hex bit and torque wrench to remove and replace. This is a pain in the ass if you need to repair on the trail or remove the tire quickly for other reasons like cleaning or travel. The rear rim has a quick release axle but the front does not. I replaced mine with the same brand but the quick release version (after stripping mine). The difference in price is only $4 for the quick release so I'm not sure why Luna did not just put quick releases on the front too. Here is the part if you're interested:

          BATTERY RATTLE ISSUE: A common problem with the X1 is that the battery does not sit tightly in the frame. When you ride it will rattle and as some users report, it can either fall completely out or move and arc. There is a velcro fix and I had a slightly different solution. Click on my profile. I did a posts/videos on this issue/solution as well as other things I mentioned in this response.

          - WATER BOTTLE CAGE: The bike has no predrilled holes for a water bottle cage. Further, there is no room to put a cage in between the lower and top bars like other competing EMTB's have. Because this is an Enduro bike, to me, this is a big design flaw of X1. Carrying a water bottle or water bladder in a bag is a pain in the neck and not convenient (especially on short rides). The only places to strap a water bottle cage on the X1 are the seat post (exposes the water bottle to a lot of dirt kicking up from rear tire) or strapping one to the top bar. I chose to strap mine to the top bar because its cleaner and easier to reach your water bottle without stopping. I ordered and tried several cages and the one that fits best and matches the bike best is this one: . This cage fits good over the wide bar, and I haven't had a bottle fall out yet. If you purchase this cage you will also need a 24oz water bottle because a standard 28 oz will get in the way when mounted on the top bar.

          - TOOLS/SUPPLIES: Like you, I come from long history of ATV and dirt bike riding. With this bike, I found that most of my existing tools which I used for repair and maintenance of dirt bikes, or the tools I had for my other pedal only bikes were either too large or not precision enough for my X1. There is an X1 tool kit from Luna that has everything you need which they now sell separately but has been out of stock. If you can't order the kit from Luna, locate it on their product page and get the list of tools that are in there... I've had to purchase all new metric hex wrenches, t-shaped hex wrenches and matching torque bits in small sizes, multi-tool to keep with me when riding, bike chain scrubber brush, a good precision 20-200 lb torque wrench, Presta valve pressure gauge and adapters for air compressor (because i changed the tire valves), 5 Pieces Spoke Tool Kit (the spokes nuts are wider than standard cheap wrenches), maintenance bike stand (these are expensive), bike tire levers (to remove and reinstall tire on rim), a decent brush to clean the bike with,
          LIGHTS: You will need a good, bright, front light for night traveling (I'm using one from my pedal MTB still because I haven't found one that mounts right and is not either in the way or partially blocked by all the cables on the front of the bike). If you are going to ride on the road a bunch, you will should invest in a good tail light. I recommend the Meilan X5 Smart Light with laser (

          - PHONE MOUNT: If you want to navigate through trail systems with GPS you will need a mount for your phone. I tried several and settled on a Quadlock system. This requires the mount and special case for your phone model. These two are expensive.

          - FIRMWARE UPGRADE: You should get the bike and try it before you make that update. I found someone locally who had the update tool and changed mine and hated it. I changed it back a couple of days later. I firmly (no phun intended) believe that Luna got it right with firmware they ship. The firmware update that others are testing will pretty much only give you one power level. It also kills that battery much faster in my experience.. If you ride dirt bikes, you will appreciate being able to move through different power levels where you can feel the difference. I would also recommend that you learn to pedal the bike without any PAS so you can be strong enough to pedal a 55 lb bike when/if your battery runs out which happened to me multiple times on 30+ mile runs. I recently did a 50 mile run and had to pedal the bike for the last 14 miles without any power. However, because I ride a lot in PAS 0 and 1 (out of 5 levels of PAS) I was conditioned to make it back with no stress and in 98 degree desert heat. Range anxiety is real and with that beta firmware you wont have much option to adjust your power level if you need to conserve for long rides. I'm sure a ton of people will jump on my shit but I still feel Luna got it right with the firmware they tweaked specifically for this bike and the majority of riders needs.

          - CHECKING & TIGHTENING BOLTS : Same as everyone else reports... numerous bolts were not tight when I got the bike, and many came loose and kept coming loose during hard trail riding. The first test ride I took on a moderate trail the front headset came loose around a turn and I was thrown over the bars. After that, I put lock tight on everything. I now check several bolts just about every time I'm going on a long or hard ride.

          - LUBRICATION: Get Dry lube and Tri-flow oil. My bike was really noisy when I first got it. The battery rattle issue was 75% of the noise but I found that the rear suspension was exceptionally noisy too and needs lubrication every couple of weeks. After fixing the battery and suspension noise, I was still having a lot of creaking noise from the front that I could not pin down. After Googling around I found that it was the front spokes! Where the spokes cross over each other and touch, I sprayed TriFlow oil on a rag and lubed the spokes and I had no more bike sounds.

          Thats all I can think of for now. Good luck!
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        • Brian99
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          I got and like this seat: Ergon - SM E-Mountain Core Prime Men's Ergonomic Comfort Bicycle Saddle
          A hidden rock ruined the stock X1 pedal and got these: They are sticky, using my old SAS shoes. Way better than the stock pedals (which I thought were good).
          For the battery rattle (and other protection), I love mastic. I put a couple of pieces in the battery well to make up the space, and I put a little grease on the side touching the battery so that I don't have to pry it out. It works perfectly.
          The Venzo torque set is most of the tools that I needed.
          And their shock pump.
          I got the Feedback sports pro elite stand rated at 85 lbs. It's just barely enough. I cannot just rotate the bike at any angle with this thing, but it works for what I need.
          Dropper may be a bit short on the travel, but works for me.

          I am only using plant-based lubricants from WPL and this on my chain:
          I don't buy gasoline, nor use FFs or PTFE for my bike maintenance.

          I think Luna got the bolt-tightening and lock-tite problems fixed now.

        Luna has confirmed (several times) that the new non-Ludi X1 comes with 14.6 programming. Looking forward to receiving mine in the coming weeks.



            I'm a recent X1 owner, bought used last week. I noticed that the front thru-axle needs an allen wrench to remove. Any reason not to install one with a lever instead?


            • KTMracer63
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              Call a Rockshox dealer and ask...The Lost Co. is a good place for tech help on Yari/Lyrik/Zeb...the Techs now their stuff there.
              Good bet is Luna has nothing to do with Rockshox aftermarket parts.

            • joegold100
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              I thought this was weird too! The same brand axle with the quick release is only $4 more than the one with the hex bolt. I ended up stripping mine (made a video about it: ) then I ordered a quick release from Amazon. Here is the same axle but with the quick release lever: (I also see that they are now about $16 cheaper on eBay and even Walmart online has it $15 cheaper). I changed mine and the quick release is awesome!