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    Been having a blast on my V3, but this morning cannot get my V3 screen to turn on, lock un lock hit lightning bolt twice hear chirp, press hold power no response from screen. Check cables have slack but the screen cable always tight, re seated cable anyway, nothing out of ordinary except last three days been over 106 degrees outside, too hot to ride so night ride after 8 pm about 5 miles, put back in garage plugged in overnight, this morning can't get the screen to turn on??? Ideas?


      How do I use dual mode? I can see the 3 level power but I do not know how to turn on dual/single mode


      • Sebz
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        It's the lights ICON next to the horn, see manual, in the diagram and detail section :

      • TonyTronic
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        Need to press and hold (long press) - till the P pops on first, then use the light button to turn on front wheel, the lights turn on by long press the +
        DOUBLE TAP the M to get to the setup menus for MPH and time etc.... Long Press the M turns on the USB power on Right of screen, I use it to power the gopro while riding.

        Regards, TonyTronic
        Last edited by TonyTronic; 08-26-2020, 07:08 PM. Reason: Incorrect first statement it's on the Right not left tried to clear up confusion

      Can't unlock back break on apocalypse v3 scooter.


        Is there a charging indicator anywhere on the Scooter?


          Originally posted by marswalker View Post
          I reset one of my V3 to factory and now it has an inaccurate speedo. Reads about double what is should. 60mph and 90kph

          any ideas? Could one of the secret advanced settings be changed?

          help. Thanks
          My V3 has this same problem, dash reads double what it should. Luna, was there ever a fix for this? I’ve looked in the menus and can change between km and mi per hr but both read 2x what the speed is measured by gps.

          Any help would be awesome.