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Luna 36V 300Watt Fast Charger

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    Luna 36V 300Watt Fast Charger

    I bought the Luna Cycle 36V 300Watt charger to be able to charge to 80% and increase longevity of my 36V packs, but doesn't charging at 7 amps negate any advantage in longevity by fast charging? Can I charge with my 2amp charger and monitor voltage with my multi meter and achieve better results? What value am I looking for at 80%?
    I sure wish the 36V charger had variable amperage selection. How difficult is that switch and circuitry to install?

    I have customers charging with 2A chargers and with timers. They've sorted the charge rate and timing close enough to be able to take a multimeter reading and set their timer and get within a few tenths of a volt to the target. A 36v battery is 10 cells in series or 10s. There's a fairly good chart posted. They target 4-4.1v , or 40-41v as the goal, 80-90%.

    Luna staff will need to address the 7A rating.
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      7A charging on a 36v 7Ah is fast, 7A on a 20Ah pack, not so much. Completely depends on the packs capacity as to what constitutes good charging practices.


        If I recall correctly I read somewhere that the 36V 7amp was designed for the Sondor 30ah pack. It's a 9p (9 string in parallel) pack so it can take the 7amps no problem!!!! the PF cell can take 0.5C of charge so around 1.45 amp... So 9x1.45= 13.5 amp charge!

        So 7amps is about .25C which is perfect for the 36V Luna Storm 30ah pack
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          Yea it would have been nice if the product description was a little more complete on the Luna site. Most of my 20 mile rt commute is on a Trailway where 20 mph is a perfect top speed. I have a 36V 8.8ah & the upgrade 12.8ah from Sondors. I plan to try and extend their lives as lonrg as possible while keeping my 52v 13.5ah rack battery for use on the few miles of surface street with a 40mph speed limit with no lower speed route available. Keeping my speed up there will help me be less of a target. Guess I'll use Louis's suggestion and test and time the charging of the 36V batteries, with my 2amp charger, with a shut off timer to 80%. Thanks for the input, I'm soaking it up as efficiently as a crusty old curmudgeon, can.
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            We might have to have a curmudgeons thread. I are a founding member. Glad to hear there are more.


              Also, may I suggest getting a Cycle Analyst if you don't have one already. That will shed a lot of light as to whats going on on the pack while riding.

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                Originally posted by Reddy_Kilowatt View Post
                Guess I'll use Louis's suggestion and test and time the charging of the 36V batteries, with my 2amp charger, with a shut off timer to 80%. Thanks for the input, I'm soaking it up as efficiently as a crusty old curmudgeon, can.
                The other option, and one I decided best for me is a speedy charger. Cycle Satiator. From I have $300 in mine but I can charge all my batteries with it and I can charge at 1-8A. AND I can charge my 24,36,48, and 52V batteries at any level I choose. 50% for storage, Any percentage up to 100%. If I'm in a hurry I can charge as fast as the battery will allow or I can plug in for 8 hours at 100% and 1-2A to let the pack balance.

                I can also easily setup these parameters and name the display programs for my ease of use. Assuming the consistent 80% charge, and discharge extends the battery HALF of Grin's predicted, the charger earns it's keep maintaining a single 36V battery.

                Of the more than a dozen chargers I've owned, it's the only one to not let me down. Except for an iCharger I use in battery testing and pack building.

                It was hard for a guy on a pension to spend $300, but it's one of the best buys I made.


                  I have two 36volt batteries of different ah and the 52volt 13.5ah. I'll be using one of the 36 and the 52 on the same bike, same trips, so I wanted a charger for each to charge to 80% overnight

                  . I considered the Satiator but I too survive (if you call this surviving) on SS. The 52v 300watt advanced charger, I felt was a bargain when purchased with the 52V 13.5ah rack battery, especially with 1 or 5 amp settings. The 36v 300watt 7amp Fast charger lacks multiple amp settings and is absolutely not the charger I needed.

                  Hind Sight would be helpful and I'll let you know next Monday after my Colonoscopy but I doubt I'll be able to see out that end. The Satiator will have to wait.

                  I'll eventually drain both the 36v to the power of a radiometer and replace them with a 52v triangle pack to fit the Sondors.

                  My Dolomite sits in waiting for a mid drive that will share the 52s when I finish all the plans for the Sondors. By the way, anyone have any ideas on hardware to mount the 11" motorcycle headlight (already converted to cree LED) from my 82 Suzuki GS1100EZ, on the Sondors? It's been sitting on a shelf since 81 when it was replaced with a 8" headlight to fit the, then installed, cafe faring. ))


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                    Oh boy, GoLytely! Did my every 3 year search for a brain last spring. All the best.

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                    Thats a huge headlight bucket!! I had a 79 cb750 headlight bucket in my shed that i thougbt about. You can get motorcycle mirror clamps on ebay for less than 5 bucks. Mount two on the handlebars on each side of the center.. spacing the same as the dog ears (headlight mounts) would be. Then threaded rod in each one how ever far out you want. On the end of the rod weld or clamp and JB weld an electrical wire ring terminal. Then bolt to headlight bucket. Can you picture it? Post a pic if you do it that would look neat!
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                  Click image for larger version

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                  I have 4 aircraft adel clamps and they have rubber inserts to mount on the handle bar and two on the top curve of the fork legs. From there I want ball joint rod end bearings and threaded rods into turnbuckles so I can adjust the light. I have only sourced and bought the Adele Clamps so far, in the appropriate diameters. My fear is this mount will look like Dr Frankenstein's nightmare. Big is's a fat eBike. My alternative mounting, that I'm fighting is a triple tree suspension fork and conventional aftermarket motorcycle mounting headlamp bracket.
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                    cool. sounds like it might look ok.