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Replacing the fan on a basic D-power charger

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    Replacing the fan on a basic D-power charger

    Fan making noise? Don't throw your charger away, these D-power charger are quite good for the price and repairing it takes a couple minutes and costs under 10$

    You'll need a philips head screwdriver (PH1)
    a pick
    a new fan 40x40x10mm 12V 0.15a max

    Remove the rubber feet with your pick
    Click image for larger version

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    remove all 4 screws and flip the charger to have the D-Power logo on top. Remove the lid
    The fan it held in place with some white silicone so you will have to pry it off, no need for tools, just pull on it slowly.

    Validate the fan size and thickness, but it should be 40mm x40mm x 10mm and 12V with a max current of 0.15A.
    Do not install a fan with a lower current, Lower current means less air flow and more chances to over heat the charger.

    This is a model I found on Amazon it's got the right voltage and current and over 6cfm of air flow and it's under 10$

    Click image for larger version

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    Remove the white silicone over the JSTHX2.54 connector and pull it out, the new fan should have the exact same connector (it's an industry standard)

    Click image for larger version

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    put back the fan in the slot, label pointing on the outside of the charger, if you have glue or silicone you should but a drop at the bottom, just make sure not to put too much as the case wont close or hit the fan blades. If you don't then just close the lid and you'r dine, if the fan moves or rattle then you'll have to add glue!