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How to reset BMS using jumpstart with Satiator

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    How to reset BMS using jumpstart with Satiator

    Usually the satiator will not send to the discharge connector on a battery, showing it as unrecognized. You need to change settings to make this happen.

    You need to get into setting and just pick chemistry lead acid and then the voltage of the battery. Then use the force start mode. Then when you try to charge it through the jumper going from the charger to the discharge connector it will send power regardless of whether or not the charger recognizes it.

    Only do this for a few seconds to get the bms to shut back on.... then you can switch your satiator back into the normal lithium charge profile and charge as normal.
    For more general charger troubleshooting:
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    The Satiator also has a force start mode to use on a tripped BMS,

    Please follow this procedure found on the Satiator manual :

    Click image for larger version

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