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Connecting the 84 volt charger questions:

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    Connecting the 84 volt charger questions:

    I have a few questions about my 84v ("72 volt" battery) Luna charger:

    1) What is the unmarked 2 position red toggle switch for on the end of the charger?
    2) What is the purpose of the 2 LED's on the end of the charger?
    3) Does it matter if the charger is plugged in to the 110 volt outlet before or after connection to my battery?
    4) Why does it seem the connector from the battery and the connector from the charger will not snap into one another?
    5) Why is there an electrical arching that occurs when I try to connect the charger to the battery?
    6) Is there a charger operating manual available anywhere?
    Thanks in advance.

    After some back and forth email with Luna support, I finally have answers to all 6 questions:

    1) It is actually a 3 position red handled toggle switch. It adjusts the rate of charge. Bottom position is the slowest 80%, middle next higher 90% and top fastest charging 100%.
    2) One of the LED's indicates charger is on. Second LED stays red when charging (charger fan is on also) and then green when charging is complete. (charger fan stops also)
    3) Doesn't matter.
    4) The connector from the charger comes in 2 parts that are pushed together. In most cases, like mine, the solder ready terminal end(s) needs to get pulled off out of the way for the charger and battery "XT 60" connector to be able to connect. (There is a small DC arching that will normally occur when these 2 connectors first come together. (If you are not getting an arching occurring, check the charger fuse.
    5) See above #4
    6) Support is editing a new manual now. Existing is here: