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A question about charging

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    A question about charging


    I have a 52v 14AH Sanyo GA shark pack. Somehow I ended up with two chargers, but one has a XLR connector and the pack has some other type of connector (see photo). Both chargers rated for 58.8V max voltage output, but one is 2A and the other is 3A. I have a few questions:

    1) Will both of these chargers work for my battery?
    2) What is the name of the little black connector?
    3) Can I convert this XLR connector to the other type?

    Thanks for the help!


    The black connector is a fairly generic power jack, a plug that goes into a socket. They come in different sizes so the jack and socket have to match. The size relates to the barrel width, but also the inner pin size and configuration. Here's a set:

    The power XLR is generally just a plus, a minus, and a shield connection. You could cut off the XLR connector. Then you woud strip the wires to locate the plus and minus wires. There's an outer jacket and probably three wires, or two wires and a braid, something like that. Then you would need the right (male) power connector like the one you have. I think 2.1 mm is a common size, but that doesn't mean anything. The XLR has been around for decades and shows up for microphones, speakers, and other applications where a shield would be helpful. It's not critical in a power application,or, to put it another way, few charger cables are shielded.

    I think DIY people need to understand that power is basically plus and minus, two wires. You pick a connector that works for you, as long as you have access to that plus and minus wire. If the battery pack has the female power jack, just change the chargers to a matching male.


      Thanks for the reply! I figured I could just change the plug end but wasn't sure if the charger would work/not burn house down. In reading a little more since posting, it looks as though they 3 amp charger will be fine, but I should maybe use the 2 amp when I have more time to charge in order to preserve the battery longevity.


        It can be hard to identify polarity with those little plugs to get them wired up right. The center is generally plus and the barrel is minus. I have a Shark and it looks like the outside is 5mm and the inside 2mm, something like that. The jack on the battery is a tight fit, so some plugs just won't go in.

        Panasonic says the 'standard' charge is 1.45 amps for the GA, so with 4 rows it would be around 6 amps. If you need to charge quickly, the faster charge is within specs. It's a good cell, everybody's favorite. I just built a pack with GA's.

        Have fun.