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Luna Advanced chargers - what the switches do

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    Luna Advanced chargers - what the switches do

    On the most recent version of the 52v Luna Charger:
    Rotary switch: 1 to 5 from the far left will change from 1,2,3,4,5 amp charge current
    Red 2 position switch: This changes between 80% or 100% charge capacity

    On earlier version of the 52 volt Luna Charger and the current version of the 48v charger:

    A red switch goes to 3 or 5 amp hours. The toggle adjusts between 80 90 100. The 100 percent position is the position closest to the bottom of the charger.

    Manual for the older model can be found here :

    On the 36 and 72 volt charger - these only have one toggle for 80 90 and 100 percent. They are not adjustable amperage.
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    Adding the rotary switch with low Amperage Options is an EXCELLENT addition to this unit. If the slower you charge is better for your pack , then the option of a 1A charge when time is not an issue is great. Another example of a product undergoing evolution, in this case helping us make our expensive battery packs live longer and at NO CHARGE to the end user. Each generation of new eBike users are getting better and better products , and that's a good thing for the eBike world.


      These changes sound like soild improvements to improve battery life and performance.

      Is there any plans to bring these changes to the 36V chargers?


        When in doubt, always use the middle position of the 3-way switch (80%, 90%, 100%). I have an early version, and I attached a stickey note to remind me which position is which. The 3A/5A switch is labeled from the factory. The Lunagizer is by far the best "bang for your buck" ebike charger available.


          Agree about the charger's high value.

          I just Sharpied the switch settings on the side of mine to remind me.
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            Good idea. Mine had a sticker that peeled off.