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FAQ: Uploading photos

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    FAQ: Uploading photos

    Now to post up picture into this thread I found the easiest was is to

    1. Click to blue A icon in the right hand side of the topic,

    2. Scroll along to image icon. Its 11 icons across from the left

    3. Click this icon, it then brings up image properties.

    4. Select upload, and then select choose file.

    5. Find the photo that you want to upload.

    6. Select the photo. it will turn light blue.

    7. Select open at the bottom of the page, when this is selected it will take you back to image properties again.

    8. Select send it to server

    9. Selecting retrieve remote file and reference locally

    10. Select ok and wait for the photo to upload. Best if the photos under 1 megapixel as well.

    11. You will see the photo, its in its largest format, it can be made smaller by selecting the different sizes.
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    hi, this seems complicated. here is a link to a program that will add " re-size photo" to your right click on a photo, with windows. Chose " large" and it will add a perfect size copy next to the original, for uploading. Click the camera icon on your post and click upload and find your "large" photo. double click or say open and it will upload to your post. Click upload more and show us lots of your photos! happy Motoring, e-rod