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FAQ: Estimating the Range for an Electric Bike

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    FAQ: Estimating the Range for an Electric Bike

    A quick rule of thumb for estimating the range of an electric bike is to divide the capacity of the battery in Watt-hours by the efficiency of your bike. An average electric bike takes between 20 and 30 Watt-hours per mile at 20 mph.

    If you have a 500 Watt-hour battery, (i.e. 52 Volts * 9.6 Watt-hours) you can divide that capacity by 20 and 30 to get an estimated range between 17 and 25 miles per charge.

    The efficiency of your electric bike can vary greatly. If you are small, ride in an aerodynamic position and pedal along, your efficiency can increase to as much as 10 Watt-hours per mile.

    If you are large, ride in an upright position and tow heavy loads, your efficiency can drop to as low as 40 Watt-hours per mile.

    For a more in-depth analysis of the factors which affect range please see Electric Bike Range Calculations.
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    Thanks, I wish these online bingo electric bikes lasted longer though. Mine has a rtange of around 25 miles which doesn't feel like very much.
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      I totally agree with you. Last year I had a 25 to 30 mile range with a 52 volt 11.5 amp battery. I had constant range anxiety. This year I bought Luna's 52 volt 24 amp triangle and I couldn't be happier. It will go a guaranteed 50 miles even if it is pushed hard for half of the ride. I charge to 90% and don't even think about range any more.