5V Red+/black- power arrives from VDC to motor Hall red/black. 10k resistor connects from 5V red+ to one of the motor Hall switch/signal wires (green in photo) along with the + lead to the meter.

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Rotate the motor and hopefully observe switching between 0-5V. Repeat for the remaining Hall signal wires.

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It can be noted that older motor Hall sensors handle up to 30VDV supply. Newer sensors may already contain the pull-up resistor and those only handle about 15V. Any source between 5-15VDC should work fine. You can still use a wide range of pull-up resistor with either type of Hall sensor. 10k in this example but 5-50k would probably work just fine.

What you're doing is merely qualifying motor Hall wiring and Hall sensors as this sort of test eliminates any possibility of a faulty controller. This test can help determine if you need to go further into the motor for wire rework or possibly replace Hall Sensor devices.