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    Roam Fusion Battery Secure

    i'm close to ordering the roam fusion. the one sticking point is the battery attachment. i'd like something a little more secure, needing to leave it in a remote area for 6+hrs. while i kayak. anybody find a way to lock &/or make it less easy for it to walk away? i'm willing to do some creative modifications.

    thanks for your suggestions.

    I just wouldn't ever do this, Thieves are everywhere dude. They might be hiking the area with no intention of stealing, but have a pair of bolt cutters in the back of their pick-up truck nearby just in-case.

    Some other people here can chime in but I just don't believe bicycle security is anywhere good enough to leave something worth $3k+ unattended for 6+ hours. The battery will also surely need to be taken with you also.

    The problem with these plans also is that they may work once or twice, but you're effectively gambling each time you do it, and when you gamble, eventually you lose.


      Yeah I’m skeered when it comes to leaving my shit laying out someplace public for short or long periods of time. People steal but maybe you can put something like that on homeowners insurance it might be more palatable?

      Or perhaps look for a place deeper into the woods to hide the damn thing chained to a tree? Cover with hunting blind tarp or something camo? Out of sight paying no attention is most of the battle.

      eBikes are no longer “unknown” to the stealing public. The word is getting around that our battery packs are quite valuable. As well as Bafang mid drives sell for good money. Nice components on a bicycle will get looks from the creepy folks too.
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