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Battery cutting out

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    Battery cutting out

    I have a VPower 48v 22A 1000W battery pack. Just recently the pack has started to cut-off on me while riding, and I have to reach behind and turn it off then back on again to get power. It tends to do this while on an incline or applying more than 1/4 to 1/2 of throttle. I used to be able to do 25+ mph now I'm lucky to get 17 without it cutting out. The pack is made up of 117 "18650S22 DHP-1605" batteries. There are 9 bats in parallel with 13 rows. I put my multi-meter to each series and they all register 3.7v+, it's usually around 50-51v area when the cutting out begins. When I plug in the charger, it charges for 5-10min. then goes green stating fully charged which it isn't. I have a new BMS on the way that I'm going to swap out(it was cheaper than buying a new charger), if that doesn't work I'll buy the charger. Any other suggestion I might want to try.


    P.S. Battery is 1yr. old with less than 500 charge cycles on it.
    Just took a volt reading 51.2v and cutting out!!!

    A similar thing happened to me on two occasions.

    The first time was because the battery had some physical damage (I accidentally dropped it on my garage floor). The physical damage was discovered after opening up the battery to check all of the spot welds. Redoing the spot welds in that area fixed the problem.

    The second time was because I had a lot of bad cells in 3 different rows, causing three bad rows. I had drawn too much current. This was solved by replacing the bad cells and a full pack rebuild. It sounds like all of your rows are fine based on the voltage readings in your OP.

    I wonder if it’s possible that that battery was only good for 500 charge cycles.