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GPS Bicyle Theft Tracker

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    GPS Bicyle Theft Tracker

    Last edited by Robert Larrison; 06-18-2018, 03:14 PM.

    I see two huge problems with this - at least for me...

    You need to be near enough to *open* wifi networks for it to send your position - someone with a stolen bicycle around here isn't terribly likely to be near one before they find the unit and get rid of it. Ya never know but a crap shoot with odds that are at best not all that great. Maybe in a dense city but here not so much. I suppose it depends on the type of thief too. Mine generally gets locked with a severe chain such that it would be a skilled thief (with a noisy grinder throwing sparks) that is likely targeting bikes vs. the opportunist that simply rides it off.

    I don't see their terms of service but I'd be surprised if they *don't* access your position logs and possibly share the data. I don't care if they say they don't access or share them or whatever but I'm not sharing my position logs with a third party period! That just ain't going to happen...