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BBS01 freewheeling

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    BBS01 freewheeling

    Hi Electricbikers,

    Question about my BBS01....When riding with Bafang turned off, or on an assistance level of 0, the motor continues to turn over, thus creating additional effort. Now I don't really worry about this except if my battery ever goes flat a distance from home base then have to ride with this additional effort.....just what I don't need!

    I notice that when I stop peddling that the motor also stops and the bike freewheels just fine.

    Is this a function of the mechanical design, or can it modified?

    Additionally, if I am peddling with assistance level set at zero and the motor turning over, is this charging my battery?



    No it cannot be changed, no it doesn't charge the battery sorry..


      Thanks paxtana, no big deal :^)


        I had a similar heavy drag on my first ebike with a BBS01 350W/36V motor. When I upgraded to the Bafang BBS02-B on my subsequent builds this problem went away. Both of my BBS02-B motors freewheel fine and have little to no noticeable drag when pedaling without power. Currently I’m testing my latest Surly ECR build with BBS02-B as a pedal bike without a battery and it rides just like a bicycle with about 8-9lbs of extra weight.
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