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    Need Longer Connection

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    The connection from my battery to my controller is 1-2 inches short. When I turn fully to the right, half the time the connection pops out. I have tried several configurations and the way I have it now is the most slack I can get out of it. Is the solution ... a segment of wire with the connections that I can insert, like one does if they want to join two pieces of PVC pipe ... or get a slightly longer battery power cable? The battery only fits on my down tube in pretty much only one position. If I shrink wrap it, won't that mean it will put tension on the controller?

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    If you need the components in that position you want to splice in a longer length of wire. The gauge doesn't matter much on a low power kit but if you google for wire gauge charts they'll give a good idea of what that is. Likely it is between 12 and 16awg.

    See this link for different guages of wire and solder sleeves

    Just match the wire size and make them connected using the solder sleeve and a lighter. Instructions on how to do this are in the connection section of the hardcase battery documentation

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      Thank you. Very nice use of my picture to show exact location of splice. If I had known about solder sleeves I just might have gone this route immediately.