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    So far I haven't seen any 360° Amazon has the LG for $50


      The real estate shot. Google inside street view. In my case, a real air b and b. Do you guys know spinning magnets, ron? I guess he knows the derek from the next town over and he tells me ron is looking to couch surf for interbike. OK, to keep my wife happy, how about sleeping in van down by the river. So here is the van interior.

      Hosting 360 stills wasn't as easy as I hoped. Easy seems to be a short 360 video to google and the viewer can still look around. Maybe set it on loop.

      This shot doesn't have to be such crap. Tripod and use the app to start recording. Placement is important, I think a little higher. Some viewers appear to zoom in and out more. This is what google does: quality went way down and zoom is really powerful. A mouse with a wheel works the best.

      Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

      Still haven't written back to Derek. Then friggin Luna fired off the package signature required. Wad up wid dat? No batteries involved. Time for a nap.


        Helmet cam. Really just a dashboard cam. From the helmet you can see all around so if someone crashes behind you or in front of you there will be some kind of shot. Might be grainy, but it will be stable. So Paxtana, I will pay your entrance fee to race at the ebike thing in Beckworth. If there are 11 racers I would spend $3,000 for helmet cams on the rest of the competitors hoping to catch the crash with something funny written all over Paxtana's jersey. However POV from his own helmet cam would be kind of worthless and a waste of $300. I think 360 views like the helmet cam could be over used. It has it's place, but one would not want the entire video to look like a gimmick. There are entire websites dedicated to the "little planet" fish eye drone view. Boring

        Gotta love Paxtana. Social butterfly of the social networks. Dead head who will hurt himself even without a Red Bull sponsorship.

        There is more going on here. There are 3 shots combined in the Picture software that comes with Windows. An old guy with a flip phone has done it so it is not that hard to do.

        Lost the kydex lens protector. Bad move.

        First time the audio even sorta worked. The clicking in the other videos is from the bike. If the chain slaps at the back the camera hears it no matter where it is attached. There is still wind noise so I will have to come up with some fur or something.

        The first shot a couple of days ago of me running circles around Francesca on the beach is getting more interesting. It is a tracking shot. However since I am going in circles and keeping her in frame it is even more special than ones seen in expensive movies. I brought the camera down to hide my bald spot, but the result should be noted because I don't see this on the little planet websites etc. Zooming out doesn't go to little planet, but like this it is more usable and interesting to cut with other shots.

        Helmet cam is often used in action shots but I think they suck unless combined with other views. You are not getting anything action shots from me for a while. We have both crashed are limping around. No video of either crash which tells me to work on dashboard cam stuff. My first hurdle is my computer is unhappy with a 5 min. video, what will it do with a 50 min. video?

        Great crash of mine. Thought the field was smooth, but it wasn't. Stood up and that wasn't enough. Thought I would just lift the front wheel a bit. Standing up without a finger any where near the brake I looped out... at speed. No video.

        here is some helmet cam:
        Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.


          This is worth seeing. The first circles are without the stabilization and then the same with. It exemplifies stabilization is really 3 things: leveling and heading are included.

          First view is 360 camera following rider, then same shot but always pointing one way. Both views make you think the camera is not attached to the bike.


            Here is my new campsite in front of the Emergency Room in Coos Bay Or. The question is did I get a picture. Three cameras in my belt including the all seeing insta360. The goal of this whole trip was to catch something interesting.

            Click image for larger version

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            You clicked. Crashes are good content. Kontent is King. However, how do we define content? I always figured it to be something technical. I guess the comparison in the last video is the only content of that type here. However great beauty is also content. Humor is entertaining.

            Click image for larger version

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            You clicked because you assumed I crashed. Ok to assume that of the wild and reckless, but there is more kontent than this for we devout hedonist. Remember to never say he died on the trail the way he would have wanted, but that he got a lot trail before he died. If I die on the trail it could just be that I spend so much time there the odds alone favor this location.

            However it was not me. My lovely Francesca with her off road Townie, 3 miles from the trail head, suffer a type of stroke. 911. First guy there: the old fire chief. He jogged it and beat everybody. A couple of days in the hospital and she gets out tomorrow and we will go back to the beach. I got a minute to reflect and be philosophical.

            But first to the camera. No picture. However I should have turned the damn thing on and let it run. I have had to repeat myself over and over again about the first couple of hours and I now wish I could have just pointed to a youtube video and gone: Here, I put music to it.

            That is called gallows humor children, and it means we are still alive and grateful. How do I put that into words to inspire the reader to "choose life" as they say in Trainspotting. I didn't even understand that one.

            And just because we were near death doesn't mean we stop talking ebikes. After an hour of watching the clumsy quads and Hummer get only so far it was a small army of Sixes River Fire Station that hoofed her out about half of it. I looked the chief, who beat them all on foot, and said, look I have two bikes to get out, please ride one so I don't have to walk back for the other.

            Throttle, brake, got it? I took him on best race of hardtail BBSHDs ever seen. God damn these people, certainly the rescue people around my single tracks at home, need an off road ebike. That trailer I have with one wheel can do tons of work.

            Anyways, the reason for going fast is bullshit. AZguy probably has crashed as much as I and he can tell you, but what they do is stage the ambulance far away from where you parked so if you refuse their ride you have a mile walk back to the car. I got that straightened out before she arrived by going like stink and getting there first, and I think I made a certain old fire chief think about what is possible with an ebike.

            5 min before, never go with a whimper:
            Click image for larger version

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              insta360 gave some to GMBN to play with and the following video shows what they experimented with.


                How's Francesca? Hope she's recovering well?


                  Thanks for asking. First ride yesterday. She thinks I was holding her back, and I was. Just fireroads, but good test. I am leaving the agro tires on because even fire roads can be sketchy. Looking for chrome fenders that go over mud tires. I am demanding a new helmet before the next ride. MIPS and anything else money can buy. Blood thinners make head injury even more dangerous.