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FAQ: Electric Bike Web Resources

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    FAQ: Electric Bike Web Resources

    Here are some amazing webs resources to help you in your electric bike research. forum Our very own forum.

    Endless Sphere Forum The original forum for ebikes... years worth of information there you can get lost in.

    Endless Sphere Wiki The endless sphere knowledge base with many informative articles condensed in one spot.

    Endless sphere facebook page Another version of the es forum with different content and the same users.

    Sondors Facebook Owners Page The ultimate resource for Sondors owners . Many great articles.

    Electric Bike Blog Many great articles especially pertaining to the Bafang mid drives BBS02, BBSHD and fat bikes. A very respected source for commercial ebike reviews and other ebike information.

    Reddit Ebike Group A great community of new ebike riders on reddit. Better be a polite poster or your post will get down voted :)

    Reddit BBS02 and BBSHD Faq Great resource for BBS02 and BBSHD.

    Electric Bike School A new site focused on ebike education.
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    I strongly agree that personal electric transport is getting more and more popular nowadays that's for sure. Hundreds of electric bikes and scooters are available on the market, but to choose the right one is not so easy task. I decided to create a website dedicated to this topic, there you can find reviews of best electric vehicles like bikes, scooters, hoverboards and even skateboards, latest news, how-to guides and much more!

    Hope you will enjoy visiting my site and it will be helpful to your visitors.


    I saw your resource page and wondered if my site could be added there to bring more usefulness for everyone. What do you think?

    Best regards


      What is the difference between Electric Bike Report and Electric Bike Review websites? They look the same.


        Hi All, Newbie I'm afraid, my question is that I have two bikes same silver fish shape battery, same voltage, wattage etc but the + - are reversed and I want to buy a new battery. how do I qualify each type?