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FAQ: Differences between the Cyclone 3000W and the BBSHD/02 Mid-Drives.

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    FAQ: Differences between the Cyclone 3000W and the BBSHD/02 Mid-Drives.

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    Both the Cyclone & BBSxx Mid-Drive units are quite vastly different from eachother and mainly built for completely different audiences.
    Generally speaking, the Cyclone mid-drive is a much more "raw" motor. Part of it's appeal is it's flexibility to be mounted however you want, as long as you have the right tools & motivation. If you're an experienced E-builder and you have some basic electrical skills like wiring, soldering, possibly even machining, with a mind geared towards DIY. Then this motor shouldn't be any issues for you.

    The BBSxx Mid-Drive however, is a straight forward linear type of build. That means it only fits under a specific "standard" and without external modifications. The BBSxx Mid-Drives are designed to fit under JIS/BSA Bottom Brackets which usually cover most bikes, but not all. We mostly recommend this motor to anyone who's looking to start their first or even second build. There are tons of instructions for it online, lots of replacement parts and most of the motor has been stripped down & covered over by the community. It's very rare that you'll run into a problem with this motor that hasn't been documented already.

    Below we will go over some of the main differences between these two motors:

    The BBSHD/02 (click for knowledge base)

    -Limited to 52V and 30amp, This means it will never be as powerful as the Cyclone's 40-60 amps but 30 amps is plenty enough for Off-Road / Road riding. Any more than that and you're technically treading into motorcycle territory.

    -Much easier to install. Instructions are more widely available & it follows a linear progression.

    -Instructions are more widely available than other the Cyclone.

    -Much Quieter. The difference is huge. The Cyclone sounds close to being "motorcycle loud" where-as the BBSxx units can't be heard until they creep right by you with a slight high pitched "hum" If you're trying not to draw attention to yourself, this can be a huge benefit.

    -Has a dedicated LCD Display for reviewing ride statistics & adjusting your pedal assist, It also displays error code to help you troubleshoot & source any issues out quicker.

    -Built in controller, no big separate controller and wiring everywhere.

    -Can be installed on most "standardised" bikes but usually won't be able to install on anything unique like Carbon Frames or some special frames.

    The Cyclone 3000W (click for knowledge base)

    -Up to 72v supported, 60 amp supported. Can also handle 52v if you wish.

    -2000W at 52V and 3000W at 72V (For reference the BBSHD is only 1600 watts max)

    -Can be modified easily to 4000 or 5000W (Assuming you're not a newbie)

    -Difficult to install but more available options. This motor is not friendly to first time builders or those are are looking for something to get done in a hour. However as a trade-off, you can make this motor work under most frame circumstances.

    -Much Nosier. Expect this thing to sound like a Drone or a mini Motorcycle. People will definitely take notice of you and local law enforcement might even hassle you if they spot you on the sidewalk or somewhere you don't belong.

    -Uses an external controller. This means you need to have another area on the bike to mount another "box" like object. This means even more wires, and less of a "stealth" look.

    -Assuming you know what you're doing, this motor can be the bee's knees if you install it right, take care of it right & have a basic fundamental understanding of it's limitations. There is tons of potential in this motor for custom experienced builders.

    -And finally, there is no LCD display with this motor, unlike the BBSxx units. Typically most users who tackle and install these kind of motors should already have a basic understanding of amps, volts & how the motor utilises them. Something like a Batt-Man or a Watt-Meter should be sufficient enough to get the information you need out of it.

    Typically If you're looking for something with more statistics and fancy graphics. The BBSxx Mid-Drives might be more suited towards your needs.
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