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Why does my BBSHD have 750w Stamped on bottom ?

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    Why does my BBSHD have 750w Stamped on bottom ?

    First things first. ALL BBSHD's are rated for 1000 watts, and in reality can handle much more without issues.

    There you can relax now.
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    The reason for the stamp is to make the units suitable for use in as many jurisdictions as possible.

    Let me explain

    If you use a 48 volt pack you would need to limit your maximum current draw to just over 15.6 Amps to stay below the 750 watt limit. For the sake of certification you can do this by reprogramming the controller and keep yourself legal for street use. Some places actually check your conversions before validating a conversion certificate. The 750w stamp on the bottom of the BBSHD is only for those folks unlucky enough to have to jump through this regulatory hoop.

    In the real world if you have your BBSHD programmed to use the full 30 amps and have a 52 volt pack, when you hammer it you are getting over 1500w actual current through the system. If you are the kind of person who reads the label in your t-shirt and then only washes it with other items of the same color then the stamp is for you too.
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