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BBSxx build/conversion/modification introduction guide and FAQ

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    BBSxx build/conversion/modification introduction guide and FAQ

    This is the closest thing you will find to a single comprehensive page on Bafang mid-drives. All information you may need laid out at once, in a wiki-style format.
    Most of it just links back here but for simplicity this is the typical starting point I recommend for newbies

    Very useful, thanks.

    One thing that doesn't get mentioned much is determining what type of donor bike should be used. This of course starts with determining the main type of cycling the user does.

    I wanted a fast commuter and mistakenly used a road bike frame. Suitable only for narrow rims and tyres as well as road brakes.
    It became apparent very quickly that the extra weight of the motor and battery as well as the higher speeds meant a very uncomfortable and risky ride.
    So, I managed to find a commuter type frame with plenty of room for wider tyres and cantilever or V brakes. Disc brakes may also be a better choice.
    With the experience of building one ebike behind me the second build was easy and I now have a bike that is a pleasure to ride as well as much safer.


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      We do have this thread. But yes a topic that asks what type of cycling the user does to determine the donor bike would be helpful.

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      Thanks for the link. Lots of reading there. I might post my build experience when i get a chance.

      Yes I guess it is commonsense but I had a bike spare that I thought would be suitable.