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BBSHD and BBS02 wiring pinout

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    BBSHD and BBS02 wiring pinout

    Click image for larger version  Name:	luna pinout bbshd.png Views:	1 Size:	177.7 KB ID:	26908

    Same pinout for both BBSHD and BBS02

    Would this be the same for all BBSxx? If so I can correct the title.


      What are these various color wires for? I can't tell from the abbreviations;

      1 Brown P+ ???
      2 Orange PL ???
      3 Green Rxd ???
      5 Yellow TxD ???


      • max_volt
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        Connect P+ and PL together to power the system up. serial data rx/receive/in and tx/transmit/out . Derived from Latin.

      Does is P+ just split of from the blue wire #6 on the main harness and 5V+?

      I guess I'm trying to figure out what buttons the different wires correspond to. I have a Luna DPC 18 display and the control for it has three buttons in a triangle and two more on top as a - and a +.

      One of them looks sort of like a headlight symbol you might see on a car. In reading the manual I see it sounds like this is the one that turns the display on or switches it to night mode, which maybe is actually off. One of the other switches is a power symbol so I imagine that powers the whole system. The other button is an "i". I assume this is for programming or navigating screens.

      It the one that looks like a light symbol is just a switch I'm wondering if I may tap into this for controlling something else. I'm sort of switching gears by using this kit for a bike I was starting to build. The one I was building had an "ignition switch" which would turn a different controller on and a central light switch. They both mount on the handlebar and take up space. I assume the switch with the power indicator would be the "ignition switch".


      Just enquiringly about the wiring out from the BBSHD. I understand the gear sensor, the speed sensor and main battery connection, but what is the 4th connector (small pos+ and neg-) for?? It does not appear on the diagram above.


      • paxtana
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        Probably a light.

      I have a e-bike modded by bafang kit.
      I bought a bike light without internal battery powered by usb cable.

      I think to use the 5v alimentation of the brake cable .
      What do you think about?


        I would not do it. You have no idea of the current capacity of the brake circuit and could burn it out if the light you want to connect overloads it by drawing too much current. Why not just tap the volage, ( 36v/48v/52v ), that is available from the battery cradle? Buy a "Buck Step Down Converter Regulator Module" , also known as a " Step Down Buck Power Supply" from Ebay. Find one that will accept your battery voltage and knock it down to the voltage you need ( +5vdc? ) Just make certian it will provide enough current. ( 3amps or so )

        Something like this....

        Click image for larger version

Name:	s-l500.jpg
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