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How a BBS02 kit pays for itself for commuters

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    How a BBS02 kit pays for itself for commuters

    Let's assume you have a 48v GA Shark Pack and BBS02 and your round trip commute is 20 miles per day.
    This particular Shark is about half a kilowatt, at average energy prices it will cost you 6 cents to "fill it up" from empty to full.
    Given a standard workweek that is $1.20 monthly, $14.40 annually for energy to get to work.

    Meanwhile your average car gets 23.6mpg, and average price of gasoline is $2.05
    You would be using roughly .84 gallons of gas per day at a cost of $1.73 daily. Given a standard workweek $34.7 monthly, $416 annually.

    To put another way, even just based off the energy cost, car transportation is 30 times more expensive than using an ebike to get to work.
    This doesn't even factor knock-on health benefits of having a better cardiovascular system and being outside more, so ebiking could be even cheaper.

    But just going off of average energy prices this typical kit configuration would pay for itself in under 2 years.

    What if you could ditch the car entirely?
    Given the average annual cost of car insurance is ~$1200 you would get a return on investment within 6 months.

    I've been doing all sorts of errands around town that are in addition to my normal commute, all on my BBSHD. I actually have to remind myself to start my car once in a while ;)


      Yes, my car has a flat battery again! Charging it now.
      I haven't swapped all of my travel requirements with the bike but because I'm out having so much fun, I'm seldom in the car.
      Fuel is a bit more expensive over here so even better savings.


        Im considering a longer commute, and I wouldn't be intrepid enough to travel in foul weather, so there's a discount factor there. Then again, you should look beyond fuel costs since you're depreciating a car. Isn't it $0.50 per mile at least.

        Ahhhh, rationalizing our toys.


          Yes, we trivialise standing costs. If I was logical I would sell the car and avoid depreciation, insurance, registration.