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750c Display Documentation

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    Originally posted by Yunek View Post
    Hello gentlemen, can you tell me what this element is and its value?
    Dang. What a mess. Since that part looks burnt, its probably a resistor. You need to put a ohm meter on either side and see if its open or short. Looks like other parts on this are screwed up too. If you dont get any good reading on that resistor, Id remove it and put a 1k resistor to get started. You got to clean that burnt color off of the board too. Nothing spreads trouble faster than carbon and a molten blob of solder.


      Im looking to build my ebike. Im figuring on a BBS02 36 to 48 volt. I havent figured a display yet. Saw the 750c and 850c and wondered if they just look different or is one actually better. I like the round gage look of the 850c but screen being flat looks easy to smash. The 750c has the raised edge all around to take a hit and save the screen. I like that idea. But I dont like the idea that the 750C was fogging on the inside. That sounds like its not water proof. Also, can they both communicate with the smart phone app? Thanks for any tips you can share.


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        Fogging has not been an issue on 750c for a very long time. It was due to assembly in less than ideal conditions during one of the first if not the very first batch off the production line. They fixed it years ago.

        Only bafang display with a bt smartphone app is eggrider

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        Oh ok. I guess Ill be gunning for the 850c then, or maybe the 860c. I just saw that one and have to look it up.