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BBSHD teardown, maintenance and greasing

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    Personally it's something I do on my own bikes from the start just so I get it out of the way. 1000km seems like kind of an arbitrary point to do it at but it's as good as any.

    If it has not already been done and you got some other reason to do a full teardown it makes a lot of sense to regrease at that time. For example if you wanted to add additional waterproofing with dielectric grease, sealing the grommet on the controller etc, then you already have it open anyway so you might as well do the rest.


      Not specific to bafang or BBSHD I've found that chinese manufactured machinery far too often uses insufficient amounts and very poor quality grease so I've been prone to open up items with grease soon into their life and repack bearings, etc.

      I tore into my BBSHD after using it for half a year or so for that reason and was happy that there was sufficient quantity and that it wasn't the really cheap stuff I've seen

      I think a lot of folks could leave theirs alone the entire life of their bike and never have an issue - OTOH whether for peace of mind, you ride very hard, you pile miles or maybe just like to tinker it's a good idea consider doing this effort... from my perspective it is a very simple mechanical chore (for chinese machinery, I think the BBSHD is well designed and easily maintainable- this ain't german stuff though! Click image for larger version  Name:	wink.gif Views:	1 Size:	439 Bytes ID:	85066), doesn't take all that long (took me less than an hour) and you will end up with a better job than the factory if you use a proper grease and have good basic mechanical skills


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        Hi and thanks for the article. You peak my interests when said the Chinese didn’t put in good grease.Im about to replace my HD 1000w because it failed due to lack of grease. How soon if not sooner should I apply grease in a my new replacement,seems odd that a new motor and I need to be concerned with it needing maintenance.
        Ride safe.

      Thanks a lot for your comments. good news relub has not to be done many times.

      so I could buy the SCH100 grease and make the job on time on the primary.
      it is quite impossible to find mobile28 in Europe excepted in large quantity...

      I guess my ride is aggressive since I go up to 1400W during 20 minutes of uphill climbing with small rest of downhill during 3 minutes in the middle.

      After 2000 km the noise is still lower than bosch motors. But I will make the greasing/cleaning cession anyway.


        If it weren't for the RTV sealing the wire and connector ports between the motor halves, it would be silly easy in my opinion... digging out the old RTV is the greatest pain by far for me and it's not that bad but if I'm complaining, that's my issue with it Click image for larger version

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