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How did you stop your chain jumping off on your BBSHD

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    How did you stop your chain jumping off on your BBSHD

    Post up your photo and fixes here.

    It was really simple....

    change to an IGH



      I have always used aggressive narrow/wide front chainrings, never the stock Bafang one with those cute little teeth.

      I have a clutched SRAM X7 10 speed derailleur. Works well. I think the clutched action (breakaway torque needs to be overcome to move the tensioner towards 'looser') is a big plus for chain retention. With that set stiff, the chain's vertical motion is noticeably less on bumps. For guys who shift and drop chains, a clutched derailleur may be worth a try.

      With the background stated: At first I had a few chain drops. Not a lot. I stopped those by removing a couple links from my chain, which I had left a bit too long, not knowing what I was doing, the first time. Shortening it increased chain tension. That helped. For those who got their chain length right the first time, this won't apply, of course, but may be something to confirm if not sure.

      Requested image of modification: :)

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