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    He said change my display or you talking about I need a new display, are you speaking about me getting a brand new odometer.. so my odometer cannot be reset? I need to get a new odometer


    • paxtana
      paxtana commented
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      The display has an odometer, it is not somehow separate from the display. If the display was locked by setting a password and forgetting it, you need a new display

    Before opening password section on the DPC-18, I wanted to clarify what the password protection does.
    What does it protect? Other than shut down the display?
    Will the PAS programming level and power selection be accessible if the display is off? Throttle?
    If the display is bricked by a password x10 fumble, what still works and what is lost? Does it go back to pre fumble state?
    The manual fumbles a bit with the grammar, and this is not clear.

    I want to download the program and adjust power down while I a getting used to the unit.
    The Google doc page of the zip file opens , but Google is asking for so other things to be installed and I am not clear as to what and why theses things are.
    and what permissions they are requesting. Doc viewer and zip_extractor. I have other programs I use for these functions I have cleared and understand the
    permissions on. Can the programs be downloaded without these files?



    • 73Eldo
      73Eldo commented
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      I have not read the manual or used that model display. Typically the password you can set is meant to be a lock to prevent someone that does not know the password from being able to use the electric functions of the bike.

      I'm not sure what software you are talking about, typically the displays are not user programmable other than what can be done on the display itself. Most of the Bafang products have a programming cable option that programs the controller. Getting the proper drivers for your specific programming cable can be a mystery hassle and once you do connect to the unit its not super clear or obvious what the settings do and how they interact so its not something you should just jump into without doing some research and just riding the bike some to understand what the system does and what else you may want it to do.

      Many of us when starting out were not that happy with the default setting of 5 assist levels and were thinking we needed to do some re programming but when we found out you could change it to 9 levels on the display were happy. 9 doesn't change the min or max, it just gives you more and finer steps in between. The steps is usually on the same settings page on the display that has the tire size.

      It also really helps at first to have the brake cutout sensors or levers as well as a gear sensor. When you are not used to it the little delays of starting and stopping can be a little unnerving but knowing the brakes will cut it off helps a lot.

    Unless I'm missing it somewhere this appears to be the only color display that you can't set to 9 PAS levels? Can I change that with the programming cable?

    And another maybe I'm just doing it wrong but most displays you can reset the 'trip' by holding + - down at the same time. I saw the reset option in the setup and thought that would enable that function but that seems to be the only way to reset it?

    I do like the colors, seems to make it less harsh to read especially in lower light and I like that its got a night mode too. If the PAS is stuck on 5 that kinda stinks as does taking several steps to reset the trip odometer. Hopefully I'm just missing something there.


    • paxtana
      paxtana commented
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      It used to do 9 levels, bafang changed it. I assume they did that to fix some kind of incompatibility since it also works with ultra now.

    Thanks. Sorry for the lag in response, but having to use multiple forums for support , confounds my orientation.

    I still have not clarified the pass word issue, but have avoided it.

    The programs for downloading and unpacking still confuse me ,especially in the era, now, of hacking, viruses and ransomware contamination.

    My concern is and has been the ability of the throttle to get bumped in PAS 0 and start the bike rolling., either into traffic , or while attempting to replace a dropped chain.

    I can get by with some kludges, but inelegance and being unsafe are prtetty damn near the same thing to me.

    Thanks again7, 3Eldo.


      Bonjour a tous
      je viens de recevoir mon nouveau VTT a assistance électrique avec un DPC 18
      étant novice j' ai des difficultés a aller dans les paramètres, qu' elle est la manip ?
      Peux t' on modifier le max speed, le mien est a 32 km/h
      qu' elles sont en fait les réglages qui vont bien pour ceux qui sont déjà aguerri avec ce display
      MERCI de vos réponses