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  • Sebz
    started a topic DPC-18 Display documentation

    DPC-18 Display documentation

    Luna DPC-18 color Display

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Main_PIcture__39755.1503343001.1280.1280.jpg Views:	1 Size:	228.6 KB ID:	45577

    Display Features:
    • Full Color Display
    • Automatic Night Mode (with customizable light sensitivity)
    • Up to 9 levels of assist
    • Choice of Percentage or Voltage display for Battery (goes up to 60V)
    • USB Charger
    • Accurate battery gauge
    • Watt OR Amp Display to gauge how much you are pulling
    • Clock
    • Password Lock (only locks the screen, motor will still work)
    • Error code list and memory
    • Waterproof
    • No more advanced menu, simpler interface.
    • New control pad

    Why upgrade?
    • It's well made, brackets are sturdier and will fit over wider/bigger MTB stems.
    • Looks better too, easier to the eyes.
    • Waterproof, DPC-14 was barely rainproof.
    • Higher visibility compared to the DPC-14 and has auto nigh mode.
    • No more advanced menus with passwords, better interface.
    • VOLTAGE GOES UP TO 60V! finally a accurate voltage meter.

    Video walkthrough :

    • 92mm x 57mm
    • compatible from 22mm to 32mm handle bars (includes rubber spacers)
    • 3.2 inch diagonal screen
    • Glossy plastic screen
    • Waterproof IP65 (protected against small water jets, USB cap on)
    • USB Charger 5V 500ma MAX, not recommended to power head lamps

    Click image for larger version  Name:	TECH_SHEET__74320.1503103937.550.550.jpg Views:	1 Size:	115.3 KB ID:	45576

    How to use it:
    • Hold the power button for 2 sec to power up, hold for 2 sec to power down
    • Hold the headlamp button to force night mode
    • Hold the "-" button for walk mode (motor will run very slowly to help you walk)
    • Use the "+" and "-" to select the PAS setting (can be set 0-3, 0-5 or 0-9 in settings)
    • Press the "i" button to cycle from ODO, TRIP, MAX speed, AVG speed, TIME.
    • Double press the "i" to access the settings.
    • Set speed limit in display above 30MPH if you want display to show watt gauge higher than 750w

    Click image for larger version  Name:	DSC09977__72322.1503103939.1280.1280.jpg Views:	1 Size:	433.6 KB ID:	45588

    Main screen:
    Click image for larger version  Name:	LUNA_DPC18__08124.1503439684.1280.1280.jpg Views:	1 Size:	261.2 KB ID:	45581

    Settings :

    Double press the "i" to access the settings. Once in the menu you will see display and information,

    Information tab:
    To see stored error codes and battery information (NOT USED)

    Display tab:
    You will get this, move up and down using the "+" & "-" and select with the "i", then when highlighted change it with the "+"or "-", confirm your selection with the "i" button again.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Main_Menu_Settings_copy__60824.1503439571.1280.1280-2.jpg Views:	1 Size:	209.7 KB ID:	45589


    If you are using this LCD with a 52V battery the fuel gauge and the % level will not be accurate at all, they will both show full till you have 30-40% left. This can play trick with you, can make you think you are charged when you are not or can make you think the battery is defective.

    So please set the display to SOC voltage and not percentage. Check our voltage charts here if you are unfamiliar with voltage levels: CLICK HERE

    • Even though it's IP65 rated, we do not recommend using a garden hose or pressure washer directly on the LCD.
    • The display is not waterproof if a USB wire is plugged in.
    • It's only capable of suppling 500ma (or 0.5a) so do not use it to power anything that requires more. No warranty on the USB port if used incorrectly.
    • Do not trust the Password lock down, I could actually use the throttle while it's locked.
    • The range fonction and any other battery info related fonctions will require a special BMS that is not available.
    • Does not work with Bafang Ultra. For Ultra, you need a different display specially built for it.
    • Use the voltage mode instead of the %, it will be more accurate, you can use our charts here to guide you :CLICK HERE

    Trouble shooting:

    Error codes :
    Dead LCD:
    Random issues:

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  • paxtana
    commented on 's reply
    56.4 is what the dpc14 displayed as that was the highest it would read even with a fully charged 52v battery. I can't speak for why it has supposedly changed but maybe check you are actually using a DPC-18 and not dpc14. If so you may need a new display or to try to reset settings

  • Tortue
    I just performed the Advanced 52v Charger fine tune per the YouTube link that Luna sent me. My DPC now reads 56.4v when the battery is fully charged.
    I've measured the battery output and it's reading 58.62 after an overnight charge/balance.
    Previously the DPC was displaying a voltage that was within .2 to .3v of the battery voltage.

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  • paxtana
    commented on 's reply
    DPC-18 can not do that.

  • Lithium Bob
    Hi all. New to the forum. I have converted my ever faithful 20 year old mountain bike to electric with a BBSHD on 14s. Goes great, very happy. Does anyone know how to get the individual cell voltages to display on the DCP-18? I am using a battery of my own construction and realise there is additional hardware I will need. The vendor I bought the BBSHD off hasn't been particularly helpful.

    I expect there is usually an output from the battery BMS that provides this information in a format the DCP-18 understands. If I'm on the right track can anyone tell me where I can buy a compatible BMS please.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • paxtana
    A few still have it, specifically there is a version for Ultra which still has this mode. But yeah if you are using it with BBSxx odds are you will not have a display with this mode, nor would it do anything if you did.

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  • MadDias
    Originally posted by Ttreshh View Post
    Is this display so smart to change speed/power scale depending on Max.Speed setted in preferences?
    Yes the scale changes according to the Max Speed settings in preferences (90kmh/h 1500W max on mine).
    And wtf eco/sport means? Do they discounted this feature according to manual here, or it's still remains?
    There are no "eco/sport" modes on the new displays.

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  • Ttreshh
    Is this display so smart to change speed/power scale depending on Max.Speed setted in preferences? Take a look to a picture, there is different scales - up to 30kmph and upto 60kmph. Different software or just different settings in menu?

    And wtf eco/sport means? Do they discounted this feature according to manual here, or it's still remains?
    30kmph max 60kmph max

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  • bohunter
    Does anyone else have an issue that the pas display goes back to zero if you stop for more than 6 seconds? I wish I could disable this feature and can't seem to find out how. If anyone has any ideas please let me know how. Also there is no option for factory settings in the setting display.

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  • Sebz
    commented on 's reply
    Not possible I think... mine is stuck in 24h format.. only USA/UK uses 12h ;) So I guess it has be international!

    commented on 's reply
    I just use my phone personally.

  • indyengr
    Anybody get this to display the clock in 12-hour format? Not all of us went military, and after a 4-hour ride it gets harder to understand to that 16:21 is before dinner.

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  • max_volt
    commented on 's reply
    Vid shows torque settings. The software link is there courtesy of woggs1.
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  • paxtana
    commented on 's reply
    It sold out.

  • khoakhoa
    commented on 's reply
    No DPC- 18 display or ultra on

    Bad sign?