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BBSHD - Inconsistent throttle deadband

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    BBSHD - Inconsistent throttle deadband

    So I have a BBSHD with a C965. Throttle is set to Current mode. Most other throttle values are by default (I will attach my full settings).

    Sometimes my throttle works fine: As push the throttle to maybe to 5-10% of the range (acceptable deadband), the bike starts accelerating, and the motor torque is mostly linear with the throttle position.
    Some other times, the throttle does nothing until it's pressed to 70-100% of the range, where the bike suddently jerks at full current. If I hold it there for a couple of seconds, then I can reduce the throttle, and the response is linear again for as long as I'm using the throttle to control power.

    This screams software problem to me. And I suspect it's because of some bad configuration on my side, but I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

    Some notes:
    -This problem happens at every PAS level (0 to 9)
    -This problem never happens when the bike is stopped and I start accelerating with the throttle
    -This problem only happens when I'm pedaling (at whatever PAS level), and then I push the throttle (and it happens most of the times in this scenario)
    -This problem happens regardless of the speed I'm riding. I may be going 5kph or 30kph, when it happens the only thing I can do is deal with 100% power for a second or two, and then I can release the throttle a little bit to get linear response
    -If I feel the jerk but I don't hold the throttle there for a second or two, then the problem remains, and releasing the throttle a bit brings it back to the huge deadband.

    Notes about my settings:
    -I've set PAS levels very low and no speed limits. This is perfect for me.
    -I haven't changed the minimum and maximum voltages on the throttle settings because I haven't measured it yet. But I suspect this is not the problem.

    I've read about severe throttle lag with some settings, but this is not lag (as long as I'm on that deadband, the motor won't do anything regardless of how long I hold it there. I actually have to cross the threshold for the motor to respond).

    Has something like this happened to anybody else?
    Is there anything you see on my settings that could be problematic?

    Thanks everyone!

    See the thread called "Throttle and Pedaling"; the issue discussed there resembles what you describe. Might help.
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      Thank you! I'm reading it right now and I think it's the same problem.