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Best BBS02 solution for wet and cold condidtions.

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    Best BBS02 solution for wet and cold condidtions.


    I have now had three BBS02 A controllers (first version) that have gone bad. They all have started to give med 30H error message. (less than a 2 years period.)

    I suspect that this is due to wet and cold weather, since the failure have always been occurred during such weather periods. I'm almost never above level 5 so I don't think its due to overdriving the controller. But I have not been able to diagnosis the exact problem.

    My question is, could the Luna controller for BBS02A, with upgraded mosfet, be a more robust solution to my problem?

    Or should I just buy the new BBS02B version of the motor, given better design (does it have better waterproofing)?

    If anyone have any tips and tricks for waterproofing the old BBS02 controller/motor, please let me know.

    Thanks in advance for any help!
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    B is better?
    With the introduction of the BBSHD, I had expected that the BBS02 had reached the end of its product lifecycle and would be quietly retired away. To my surprise, Bafang did a complete redesign of the BBS02 without telling any of its US based dealers what they were doing and released it without any fanfare. The…



      Error 30 - communications/controller error. Most likely a display problem, a wiring harness or the controller. If possible troubleshoot with another display (if you have access to one) .....
      • Check your wiring harness for damage or bent pins. Pay close attention to the wiring as it leaves the controller going to the wiring harness, making sure no part of the wiring has been smashed by motor flex or random debris
      • Check if you have extensions for the brake levers, throttle or gear sensor. Unplug everything before testing, then test by plugging each component individually in and power cycling the system.
      • Check that you are not pinching the wiring leaving the controller, or the installation is causing the wiring to be pulling out of the wiring exiting the controller.
      • Unplug all plugs in the controller as shown here, then plug them back in.
      • Click here and follow step 2 for bypassing the LCD

      I recently had an error 30. I diagnosed it to the multipin connector near the motor that runs up to the handlebars had gotten pulled just a millimeter or so when a buddy loaded it onto a car rack - pushed it back all the way and no more error 30.

      Point being this error might likely be in that part of the wiring and may not be an issue with your controller at all.... but you never know...


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        Thanks for the response.

        I have checked all three controllers with a brand new display. So I'm pretty sure that I have a controller problem.