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Sparks fly when connecting Battery

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    Sparks fly when connecting Battery

    My BBSHD throws sparks around when I try to connect the battery (52-58 volts).
    Measured the plus/minus contacts going down to the motor and it reads 1.7 ohms.
    It's the 2500 watt version of motor.
    Is this normal?
    Any ideas why the sparks fly?

    That's too low. Do not try to connect.


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      There's a capacitor in there, I don't think you can assume a DVM will give you an accurate resistance measurement, except perhaps if that capacitor is charged up to the voltage the DVM is using? Not sure if/how to do it, my guess would be to start with discharged cap, then hook up DVM and wait for reading to stabilize.


      OP, are sparks really FLYING or did you exaggerate a bit? A shorted motor can send sparks flying, because the connectors vaporize a bit and shoot out white hot metal. So if you saw that, Max is still right, you probably have a short or something.

      But, chargers and batteries do spark when hooked up, frequently, and it's not a fault. No flying sparks, though. Maybe a slightly startling pop and a small, fast spark. You won't see any spark outside the connector, or anything like that, though.
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    what should i do?


      Track down the short and whether it is the wiring or possibly the controller.