Here is a compilation of resources to help you with your bbshd install

Optional tool list to make your installation easier also help you out of a jam in case you get stuck.

Removing your old Bottom Bracket (can be most difficult part, we recommend having bike shop to do this if your old bb is feisty)

Help deciding which size of BBSHD to buy and other basics

Installing your BBSHD Part 1 (Luna Cycle video)

Installing your BBSHD Part 2 (Luna Cycle video)
Installing your BBSHD Part 3 (Luna Cycle video)

Installation article part 1
Installation article part 2
Installation article part 3

How to install the Bafang Hydraulic brake sensors

How to wire your bbshd to your battery: (not always do connectors match)
How to wire your motor to the battery without soldering (crimping) Luna Cycle video

How to deal with it when the bbshd doesn't fit right:
A great resource of documented BBSHD builds you can read through and learn from.
Watch a luna cycle video which clearly shows you how to install the BBSHD on your bottom bracket:

Here is the complete BBSHD manual:

How to install the Gear Sensor.

Link to charging new batteries can be found Here