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All about E-Brake Sensors and how to Install Them

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    All about E-Brake Sensors and how to Install Them

    E-brake Sensors are not required to make your Bafang mid drive function. They do however make your Bafang safer by cutting power automatically when you pull on the brake handle.

    Many riders decide to ride without ebrake sensors but we do not recommend this for safety reasons.

    Read our article on ebraking essentials.

    The stock ebrake levers are cheap looking but do the job well...but only work with mechanical brakes with cable pulls.

    If you are using hydraulic brakes or want to use your stock brake handles, you will need magnetic ebrake sensor that converts any brake into an ebrake using magnets.

    Here is our brake convertor kit that turns your hydraulic brakes into ebrakes

    Here is a video install guide to help you with putting them on.