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What is the difference between the BBSHD & BBS02 and is it worth the extra cost?

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    What is the difference between the BBSHD & BBS02 and is it worth the extra cost?

    What is the difference between the BBSHD and the BBS02?
    • The BBSHD was completely redesigned, almost every part is different.
    • The BBSHD uses much beefier components, and a beefier controller.
    • The BBSHD is overbuilt to put up with the 30 amp amperage, the BBS02 is at its max at 25amps.
    • The BBSHD is 10 percent more efficient which means more range AND more power
    • The BBSHD is 3 pounds heavier than the bbs02
    • The BBSHD i s considerably larger than the bbs02
    There are also many similarities between the 2.
    • all the external connected accessories are the same (dispaly, throttle, ebrake, wiring harnass etc)
    • Both mount in the same way to your bottom bracket

    I believe the BBSHD is better and is worth the extra money for MOST users for these reasons:

    One of the biggest considerations that people forget, the BBS02 requires a lot of shifting to keep it in the optimum gear level to keep it from getting too hot...the BBSHD you can shift in a middle gear and forget it for the most part except when doing extreme climbing.
    • The BBSHD is much more powerful not just by the amp numbers, but in real world performance.
    • The bbshd is 10 percent more efficient than the bbs02
    • It puts out way more torque than the BBSO2
    • It is far more reliable than the BBS02
    • It is very possible that Bafang will release higher amperage controllers in the future for the BBSHD
    • The BBSHD is hot roddable, the bbs02 is your future proof.

    In some cases, the BBS02 is a better choice. Here are the advantages of the BBS02
    • The BBS02 is much more affordable than the bbshd
    • The BBS02 is 3 pounds lighter
    • The BBs02 is smaller in size
    • The BBS02 has been around longer and is better known entity.
    • There are many more upgrade chain ring options for the BBS02
    The BBS02 is a better option if
    • You cant afford the bbshd
    • You want to stay legal and the 750w ttitle on the BBS02 does make it more legal for street riding
    • you really don't need the extra power of the bbshd
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