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BBSHD Pre-Buying Questions and Answers

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  • BBSHD Pre-Buying Questions and Answers

    I am totally lost and have no idea what i want, but think i want a bbshd. (or have a lot of questions)
    We recommend spending some time researching before you embark on your DIY project. Spend some time on our forums here: , and also In the case of the forums we really suggest you join and make a post...the electric bike community is amazingly helpful.

    Will a 60v battery work with a BBSHD/BBS02?
    No, it will not. The maximum voltage battery that will work is one of our 52v battery.. anything more, and the bbshd will not turn on.
    ( the absolute limit of the FETs in the BBSHD/BBS02 is 63 volts. A 60V battery can reach up to 68v when fully charged )

    Which BBSHD will fit which bike?
    Every bike is different and we can’t guarantee easy fitment with every bike. Sometimes you will have to tinker with it to get it to fit. Check out our forum for a list of builds with the bbshd with specific bikes: See this amazing resource for BBSHD building guides on specific bikes.

    What size ( bottom bracket ) of bbshd should I get?
    Read this article:
    Also, if you are unsure, it's better to get the next larger size since we provide a free spacer kit which will allow you to easily size down...but sizing up is hard.

    Will you program my BBSHD custom for my requirements?
    We do not do custom programming, although we do program the drive to have the best settings we think it should have. If you want to modify these setting to fit your style you will need this programming cable:

    You will also need to read this article to learn to use the programming cable:

    Will a bbshd work with a 300 pound rider?
    Yes, no problem.. it is one of the only drive systems we would recommend for 300 pound rider and it will even climb steep hills as well. We have sold many BBSHDs to Pedicab drivers, and even with 3 people on the bike, they hold up fine.

    Will a BBS02/HD fit an hubcentric bottom bracket?
    It all depends on the hub shape of the bike. On some bikes, it is possible without changing anything; some will need a different hub centric adapter, some will need the frame to be cut and/or welded. For example, a Giant Seek 1 will not be able to receive a BBS series motor without major modification to the frame; take a look at the post on the Electricbike forum:
    This leads to the thickness or space available between the BBS02/HD motor and the BBS02/HD bottom bracket shaft, it’s around 11.4mm, so you better measure the thickness of the frame and adapter before hacking your precious bike frame.
    Knowledge base post on PF BB & eccentric ones

    I have a press fit bottom bracket and or a carbon frame, What to do?
    Depends on the PF type and the thickness around the frame, here is a nice thread that explains it all

    How do I wire my Luna battery to my BBS02/HD?
    The Bafang BBS02/HD comes with anderson connectors, our shark/dolphin/bottle packs comes with bare tinned wires, all the other soft packs comes with XT-90S connectors on the discharge side. To wire you new Luna battery we recommend reading this article first :
    Ron did a wonderful job explaining how to solder and and how to crimp. Just don’t forget to add the right connectors, the right lenght of 12 gauge of power wires and heat shrink tubing to your cart

    I am having problems getting my bbshd to fit. Where do i go?
    Read this article also refer to this thread for even more info.
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