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What are the differences between the 3 versions of the BBS02

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    What are the differences between the 3 versions of the BBS02

    There were 3 versions of the BBS02 in total The first version was the one which had a lot of controller perils before Bafang started upgrading the mosfets to 3077s and started the high power mid drive sensation in the USA. IF you have the first version of the bbs02 and you fry the controller, you can replace it with the Version A BBS02 3077 controller and your drive will be more reliable.

    How to identify what version you have? If you bought from Luna we did not bring in any of the 1st version with the weak controllers.

    If you have a luna cycle bbs02 its easy to tell the difference. version B of the BBS02 has a laser engraved Luna Cycle logo on the side, Version A does not (it might have a round sticker with a logo).

    Here is a picture of the V2 luna cycle BBS02 with the laser engraved logo that cannot be peeled off.

    Click image for larger version

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    Why the difference?

    It is sad Bafang changed to the version B of the BBS02 since it did not come with any performance improvements. According to Bafang they changed the drive so that the controller would have better water proofing.

    Which parts are different?
    Version B has a different controller, a different nylon gear, and a different pinion gear. These 3 parts are not interchangeable with the two drives.
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    As of 2016, any BBS02 from Luna will be using the latest and best controller. However, there are older BBS02's for sale on the used market. The first version that came out a couple of years ago had six generic FETs, which should be limited to 18A to have any kind of reliability. About a year ago, Bafang upgraded the controller to having nine generic FETs to give it the ability to handle 50% more amps, but they still generate a lot of heat. Last summer in 2015, the Factory began upgrading to nine of the "name brand" high quality 3077 FETs, which convert more of the input watts into power, and less of the input watts into waste-heat.

    All 2016 and newer BBS02's can run a true 25A (at either 48V or 52V). Some have been modified by hot rodders to flow 30A on occasion (not continuous) but we do not recommend that.

    The BBS01 runs on 36V, and also has a stator that is 10mm narrower (about half an inch).

    The BBSHD has a stator that is 66% wider than the BBS02 (50mm compared to 30mm, but still having the same diameter), so it converts any input watts to more torque than the BBS02 (both drives using the same input watts). The BBSHD stock controller has 12 of the 3077 FETs.
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