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BBSHD BBS02 ULTRA Error list

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    BBSHD BBS02 ULTRA Error list

    Error 04 Throttle no homing, Unplug the throttle, if the message clears up, it's time to replace it!

    Error 05 Throttle abnormality: Throttle maybe damaged and not working, or the throttle may only work intermittently, Check throttle casing for damage, check wiring for a loose connection to the battery. Sometimes might happen with an installation where the motor is pinching the wiring exiting controller.

    Error 06 Low voltage protection: Your pack is probably at 41V (48V pack) or at 44V (52V pack), if not try to program your controller to the right LVC

    Error 07 Over voltage protection: Wrong battery pack installed use only 48V or 52V nominal

    Error 08 Hall sensor: Sometimes corresponds with grinding noise: Check the motor plug to make sure it is connected properly, unplug and replug. May happen if the motor has been unplugged.

    Remove the chain and chainring, gently pull the controller, unplug the white connector going from the controller to the motor, check if all the pins are there and straight, check that the plug pins are not bent plug it back and test again. Then unplug the PAS connector (4pin black connector between the controller and the motor) and leave it unplugged and try your motor again using the throttle, if the Error 8 disappear and the motor runs and then it's a bad PAS sensor. If not then it's likely a controller or motor core issue. Watch this video at 3:25min mark :

    If you still get the Error 8 then If you are a true DIYer you can open it and check if the hall sensor board is still fixed in place. You can test the hall sensors and change them if needed. If not best is to start with a controller replacement (as it's the #1 cause for error 8) and then move to replacing the motor core.

    Error 09 Phase line abnormality: Broken wire or circuit, Check wiring loom for breakages.

    Error 10 Controller overheat: Temp sensor in the controller is triggered, let is cool a bit.*Possible phantom error or firmware issue*

    Error 11 Temperature sensor in controller abnormality, same as Error 10, *Possible phantom error*

    Error 12 Current sensor abnormality, Possible shunt blown in the controller, contact your supplier

    Error 21 - Speed sensor error. Your speed sensor is disconnected or broken...check it or replace it. It may be that the sensor is not fully plugged in, not fully screwed into the plug, or that the magnet is too far from the sensor or that the sensor is defective (click here for help). Speedo sensors can be bought here. It is also possible for speedo cable to be ripped out of the controller if the sensor gets tangled in the spokes, in this event the controller may need replaced.

    Error 15H - Speed sensor error for the 750c display. Same as the above.

    Error 30 - communications/controller error. Most likely a display problem, a wiring harness , a throttle or the controller. If possible troubleshoot with another display and throttle (if you have access to one) .....
    • Check your wiring harness for damage or bent pins. Pay close attention to the wiring as it leaves the controller going to the wiring harness, making sure no part of the wiring has been smashed by motor flex or random debris
    • Check if you have extensions for the brake levers, throttle or gear sensor. Unplug everything before testing, then test by plugging each component individually in and power cycling the system.
    • Check that you are not pinching the wiring leaving the controller, or the installation is causing the wiring to be pulling out of the wiring exiting the controller.
    • Unplug all plugs in the controller as shown here, then plug them back in.
    • Click here and follow step 2 for bypassing the LCD

    (!) This is comes up when the ebrakes are engaged. It may also come up when using the gearsensor, or if the ebrake/gearsensor plug is being short-circuited. Unplug the brakes, unplug the gearsensor, check the pins on the plugs to make sure there's nothing being shorted. Often this can happen just from the brakes being improperly installed.

    If all seems fine, time to try replacing the controller.

    Addendum: Error 15H on 750c display is same as speedo sensor error. Either the sensor is broken, not plugged in all the way

    Here is the full list of possible codes on the BBSXX motors:

    As you can see a lot of them are not used in the current version of the BBSXX series

    Please see error code table below, Hexadecimal will show H behind.
    0x01 Normal No error No error
    0x03 Brake signal No error No error
    0x04 Throttle on high position show 04H show 04
    0x05 Throttle error show 05H show 05
    0x06 Low voltage protection show 06H show 06
    0x07 High voltage protection show 07H show 07
    0x08 Motor’s hall sensor error show 08H show 08
    0x09 Phase line of motor error show 09H show 09
    0x10 Controller over temperature show 10H show 16
    0x11 Motor over temperature show 11H show 17
    0x12 Current sensor error show 12H show 18
    0x13 Battery’s temperature sensor error show 13H show 19
    0x14 Motor‘s temperature sensor error show 14H show 20
    0x15 controller‘s temperature sensor error show 15H show 21
    0x21 Speed sensor error show 21H show 33
    0x22 BMS communication error show 22H show 34
    0x23 Head light error show 23H show 35
    0x24 Head light sensor error show 24H show 36
    0x25 Torque sensor error-Torque show 25H show 37
    0x26 Torque sensor error-speed show 26H show 38
    0x30 Communication error show 30H show 30
    For general BBSxx troubleshooting please see this guide

    For general electrical troubleshooting including charging please see this guide
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    I’m struggling to diagnose our issue with our Bafang BBSHD Mid Drive Ebike Kit. We put that kit on a Yuba Mundo cargo bike and once we had about 150 miles on the kit/bike, the thumb throttle stopped working. I got a new thumb throttle and I plugged it in and it spun the wheel for about a second then stopped and the display showed an error of 30H. Other than the throttle the bike was working fine so we just kept riding it without the thumb throttle. Now the bike has started acting weird enough it is unsafe to ride with the electric unit on. We have 3 kids and I noticed the other day when we were all on it the pedal assist was cutting in and out very rapidly. Kind of sputtering. There was the 04H error code. I tried riding it again and no error code was being displayed, but sometimes the motor gets stuck on and you have to lock the brakes to get the bike to come to a standstill. Sometimes the motor doesn't work at all. Sometimes the motor sputters. It does not display any error codes anymore. I took it to a local bike shop who had an extra display lying around just to see if that would be the issue and plug in a new display in made no difference with the thumb throttle or the behavior of the bike . We're wondering what next is? All connections look good and clean with no bent prongs or crushed wires so we are wondering if it is the controller unit or something else? Maybe shift sensor? Do you have any advice on this issue? Thank you.


    thanks for the tips. I'll run through the links


      Dear Eric / Paxtana
      I just installed new controller and getting 11h
      error and beep . I know this is something to do with temp sensor ? how do I trouble shoot ?
      or is it ghost error ?? it clears momentary when brake is used ? please help this is brand new ludi controller . thanks


      • paxtana
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        Probably going to need to email support on this one. See if you got both the controller and motor order numbers.

      • Poipoi
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        I have a same problem, how did you fix it?

        Here it is my video of the problem:

      Thank you !! cheers


        All out of ideas. New install of BBSHD on the stand works great. After finishing up take it for test drive and I get the dreaded #30 communication error . Spend all day troubleshooting. I have swapped everything i could and still getting the error or it doesn't run. Swapped display ,throttle , several controllers, main cable, bypassed the display, even the whole motor core. I checked hall ,seemed ok With some controllers I didn't get a error but it still wouldn't run. Any ideas?


        • paxtana
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          You should check if the issue follows a given component. If you have additional kits as you seem to be implying this should be relatively easy. Like taking that original controller and putting it on the other fully functioning kit to see if it still runs and/or throws the error. And doing same thing with motor, harness etc.

        • tommie
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          Did you check the white multi-pin block connector, and i don`t mean is it seated alright, ....have a look inside it see if all the pins are down and making a connection.
          That connector gave me the 30H flag.

        BBS02B temperature sensor, is mounted in a small hole in the Heatsink.
        This is a 10Kohm thirmistor(at 25 deg C) The circuit that drives it is working giving 3V at high resistance, dropping to 1V at 100 deg C. It would appear the controller ignores it, probably disabled in software I would think. I tried 1K, 180 ohms and short circuit, and after 30 seconds running no error code was generated.

        My unit is a BBS02 dismantled and de potted to replace the FET heatsink insulators following it getting very wet inside. This was due to incorrect assembly, (by Bafang). hte gassket on the controller was looped inside giving a 1mm gap in the front, which had let water and mud in, causing corrosion.
        the BBS02B circuits should be insulated from the frame.

        I most strongly suggest any owner regularly checks the insulation resistance from either side of the battery connection( battery removed) It should be 500Mohm+ anything less than 20Mohm will indicate the controller is damp or wet. Spotting and Fixing this will save the controller from very destructive damage.


        • 73Eldo
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          Cool tip about being able to check it with an ohm meter without taking it apart. I would presume the HD is the same?

        Can anyone help, my bbso2b when turned on or turned the battery on it blows the 35amp fuse now the small fuse holder is black and burnt, could the controller be the problem.


        • 73Eldo
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          Turned on meaning a key? Power button on display? Or all seems fine till you try and actually want the motor to run?

        Put my charged battery on and switch the battery on and pop. 3 times. The back wheel now is hard to move drive way.
        A friend is sorting out the 35amp fuse small holder as its now black an burned. Someone said the controller may have been blown. The last ride home from work was rushed and was topping 28mph to 32mph for 13 miles. But made sure that I couldn't keep up peddling. And checked for heat, it was only warm but its winter. I have a warranty controller coming so will put a fish digital temp probe in.
        When I stopped and arrived home all was OK. I was going to charge the battery 80 per cent but my wife forgot to turn off the charger. My only means to get to work. Turned the small switch on. Does the ke


          i have two bbs02 750w 48v bafang on a trikes and every sence day one i have had a 30h . i tryed the cheap way in not buying the battery from the factory but having some one make the battery. i have changed out the display and main harrness on both bikes but still with no luck.


          • paxtana
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            Replace the controller

          I have a new (Less than 3 months old) Luna-purchased, BBHSD with only 152 miles on it, and just today it began giving the 08 hall sensor error along with the accompanied grinding sound/feel described in the error code list Eric provided in this thread. In this scenario, what's the typical source and cause of this? Especially the grinding noise?



          • 73Eldo
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            The way these motors work and can vary their speed and torque is by electrically tricking them. Historically this type of motor was used for constant speed applications and you just hard designed the speed and torque you wanted into the motor and it would basically lock into the power line frequency and stay there as long as everything was working. With the advent of electronics we figured out that we could manipulate the incoming power to get different speeds rather than being stuck with how the motor was physically designed. We then also figured out we could go even further my doing even more mods to the incoming power to improve the torque under some conditions

            To effectively manage all these tricks the timing becomes critical just like the ignition and cam timing of a gas engine if you are into those. In fact its really the same thing. Think of these as a EFI system that can make 100's if not 1000's of changes per second based on feedback and data its getting from crank and cam position sensors.

            The hall sensor in these is like the crank position sensor in a modern engine. If the computer doesn't know the exact position of the motor the timing will be off so I assume the grinding you are hearing is like the spark plug firing too soon and trying to force the motor backwards while other cylinders are still trying to go forward. If the grinding only happens under power its a timing issue but if its happening like if you just roll the bike backwards then it may be a mechanical failure where something has come apart.

            Sine they mention trying to reseat the cable it seems like maybe a common issue is that say there are 4 sensors maybe 1 isn't getting a signal due to a bad connection. When the error code is there the system knows there is an issue but maybe other times its just missing 1/4 of its data so the timing is all screwed up.

            Have you pulled the controller off for a look yet? You may get that far and find out the thing is full of water which would explain why there are connection issues.

          Originally posted by Steve-- View Post
          I have a new (Less than 3 months old) Luna-purchased, BBHSD with only 152 miles on it, and just today it began giving the 08 hall sensor error along with the accompanied grinding sound/feel described in the error code list Eric provided in this thread. In this scenario, what's the typical source and cause of this? Especially the grinding noise?

          We've been able to manipulate the incoming power to electric motors since the late 1800's, thus why the electric automobiles back then didn't just take off at ful power as soon as they were switched on.