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HowTo - Cyclone 3000w - Table of Contents

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  • HowTo - Cyclone 3000w - Table of Contents

    Table of Contents for Cyclone 3000w build chapters.

    1. Remove a square taper bottom bracket
    2. Motor mount measurements
    3. Assemble and fit motor mount
    4. Stiffen motor mount
    5. Install motor mount
    6. Install Cranks, Chainwheel and Chain

    1. Basic wiring
    2. Crimp or Solder

    1. Removing freewheel from chainwheel

    Warning: This is a work in progress as I explore various methods for organizing this information. I personally prefer the meandering multi page threads for their social value. I like short topic specific threads for reference.

    If anyone has a better idea, please let me know in the thread.
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    Hey all,

    I was wondering if anyone had any feedback on this set of HowTos for the Cyclone 3000w.

    This has been my first attempt at using photos to document an ebike build on a vBulletin forum. I spent more time than I care to admit figuring out a reasonable workflow.

    The photos were pretty amateurish. I held my android smartphone in my hand. I took the photos under my normal shop lights. I put a fresh piece of hardboard on the workbench. For this coming week I am going to upgrade a bit. I borrowed a Sony PowerShot camera from a friend. I bought an inexpensive tripod and a couple of clamp on work lights. Hopefully that will clean up the photos.

    The bike I used for the build was my only bike so it was out of commission for the week. This morning, my LBS gave me a wrecked frame. I had to cut off the seats stays where they were mangled. It has a good bottom bracket and downtube so I should be able to use that for photos of how to mount a mid-drive.

    Most importantly, I am not a bike mechanic. I grew up riding and racing anything with two wheel and pedals. From the time I was four until I left for college I don't think we ever put a car in the garage. It was too full of bikes in various states of disassembly. But, for the last 30 years I have been away from bikes. So, please feel free to correct me on anything I am doing incorrectly.

    Last week I tried to focus on the mechanical aspects of the build. This week I would like to do three sections on the electrical aspects of a Cyclone build.

    Paco from noticed that I was using the old motor mounts so he offered to send me a kit with the new mounts so I could update the pictures with the new mount. That will take a week or so.

    Does anyone have any requests for a next kit that should be documented? I can try to get the components and do a build.

    A big thanks to everyone who has contributed to this and other ebike forums. I couldn't have gotten this far without your help.



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      Yes very good FWB, and the index is very well laid out.