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What mount spacing looks like for larger BB shell sizes

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    What mount spacing looks like for larger BB shell sizes

    This shows mount difference for larger bottom brackets.

    Click image for larger version

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    I'm installing a cyclone on a fatbike and was curious how to move the motor towards the non drive side. I saw the old style mounts allowed moving the motor further. Right now it's limited by the non-drive side plate, and I have issues lining up the BMX chain for power.

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      Maybe put the plate in a vice and hit with a mallet?



        I think I got it. There were a few key things that I did not realize, the main source of confusion being all the install videos on youtube are typically the old style.
        Please pm me if I need to fix anything in the following guide.

        I found the two videos here the most helpful, however was wishing they explained it a bit further for the 100 and 120mm setups. For anyone confused on the spacing and install on the 100 and 120mm cyclones, read further.

        Step 1) Watch Luna Cycle's videos.
        Part 1: 68mm install. Watch this no matter which spacing; it applies to all three for the most part.
        The Cyclone 3000w is an affordable high power kit that can be bought here in the usa for $350 And offers one of the best values anywhere for an ebike if you...

        Part 2: 100 and 120mm install. This video tells what is different from Part 1.
        find the kit here: This is continuation of Part 1 of the cyclone 3000w mounting video wh...

        Step 2) Measure your BB thickness and Step 3) Press the bearings to achieve desired thickness. Measure the thickness of your BB. Add the thickness of a single 5mm thick plate and a single 2mm thin plate. For my Fat-Bike, the bottom bracket measured 105mm.
        105mm + 5mm + 2mm = 112mm.
        Let's call this distance "Width A".

        Step 3) Assuming you have an ISIS style axle, press the bearings so that the inside of the cups is close to width A. Measure like this picture, and move the bearing along the shaft using WD-40 if needed.

        Tips for adjusting bearings by Jasdidit

        "First off, ONLY the 68-83 mm square taper spindles need spacers. The spacers are 10 mm thick, so if you have a 83 mm Bottom Bracket, you'll need a spacer to take up the 10 mm of slack. All the other spindles, both ISIS and Square Taper, have adjustable bearings. They are adjustable with the proper tools, like a hammer, a piece of steel tubing, and a gear puller. The gear puller is used if the bearing needs to be moved further out, for use with larger Bottom Brackets. The hammer and tubing are used if the bearing needs to be moved further in, for use with smaller Bottom Brackets.

        If you just need a few mm you may be able to sandwich it into the the BB and tighten it down, using the BB itself to move the adjustable bearing."

        Step 4) Attach the drive-side thick plate to the cyclone motor.
        See 1:15 in Part 1 video. If using 68mm, use the inner holes. If using 100 or 120mm, use the outer holes. Don't forget the spacers.
        The chain tensioner is also installed. Check that it lines up, adjust washers if needed on the tensioner.

        Step 5) Hold the motor up and slide the axle through.
        See Part 1 video at 3:05 for the order. Use grease and careful not to cross-thread. It's reverse threaded (drive side). Note: The threaded collar at 2:45 is ONLY used in the 68mm kit.

        Step 6) Install the non-drive side thin mounting plate.
        With 120mm width, it doesn't need to be bent. Anything less and it does. A bench vise should work well. See the mini-video at Part 1 video, 1:05 for bending demo. Bend till it fits nicely, then install like at 4:15, using only the threaded cup.Spacers *shouldn't* be necessary if bent properly.

        Hope that helps!

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          I received my 3,000 watt Cyclone kit today for my Fat Mongoose Dolomite. I set all the parts on my kitchen table and had the mock-up on the table running within 10 minutes. I was surprised how quiet the motor ran as the videos I've watched I thought made alot of noise. I'm happy with that part. The only problem was my kit arrived for a standard version instead of the fat version. I even put on the note area when I ordered it that it was for a Mongoose Dolomite with the BB of 111mm. I sent a text off to Luna Cycle at 2:00 today Central Time and I'll be waiting for a reply about the couple parts I'll need. But I was really impressed with the size and quality of the motor and Chainrings. Thank you,Tim in flat and windy Kansas.