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Custom strengthening the Luna Cyclone 3D bracket

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    Custom strengthening the Luna Cyclone 3D bracket

    This information courtesy of a customer's feedback, much appreciated!

    By default this is already pretty strong but here is a way to increase the strength significantly. This is on the 2D reinforced steel version.

    4" x 1/2" bolt with fender washers and nuts (4) inside and out

    Click image for larger version

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    Hi I had a question regarding custom mounting is it possible to turn the mount 90° from standard mounting and cradle it in the v just above the bottom bracket I have a folding bike and the bearing /pivot point is directly below and slightly in front of the bottom bracket I would like to retain the folding capability if the bike as I live in a RV and don't have a lot of space. Let me know if turning that bracket placement is possible I was wanting to use a cyclone mini for this build I have only found one other mid system that might work however they are a dealer install only and they have no US dealers between the €1200+ for their system and the shipping the bike to Europe I could buy a car.


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      That question has too many factors for me to answer with any certainty, sorry. It's going to depend on the frame, the dimensions, your skill level etc. At a guess I would say no.

    Frame is a 1990's-2000's BMW model 3 folding bike as for my mechanical ability I am a former harley davidson motorcycle, and FAA licensed Airframe and Powerplant aviation mechanic, in addition I also have experience in sheet metal fabricating the opening on the bike is an inverted equilateral triangle. The apex of the triangle is approximately 2 1/2 inches above the crank spindle the narrowest part opening by the apex is 1 1/4 " the triangle is 10" tall from the apex to the bottom of the crossbar and the width of the crossbar opening is 10 1/2" the bottom bearing is a little over 68mm in width I believe the spindle width of the sealed bearing I have in it now is about 124mm I was thinking of nesting the motor in a vertical position wasn't sure if the motor would run in that position or if the included brackets would get it up high enough into the opening or if new brackets or the 100-120mm brackets would work to get it up high enough. I am retired and don't have access to the machine tools I once did to fabricate didn't know if there was anyone that did custom bracket work.


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      If you can make a cad file you can use big blue saw for fabricating a custom bracket in the event the regular one does not work for your uses.
      Waterjet cutting services and laser cutting services with fast online ordering, great services, and cheap prices.

      I think the most straightforward thing would be to get the motor to physically see what the situation looks like in person, it's a lot less abstract that way.

    Does Luna sell the "custom mount" strengthening bracket shown or anything else that would achieve the same thing?

    Disregard, just found the link here...
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