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Ebrake sensors?

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    Ebrake sensors?

    How do these EBRAKE SENSORS FOR the CYCLONE KIT work? Is there a mounting kit for them? For mechanical disc brakes? Are there instructions? Photos?

    They look like heat sensors, of which I have several extras. If they are magnetic sensors, do they use a mercury switch inside?

    Which ones? The new style?


      E-brake cut-off switches...

      First, I am pretty certain mercury is non-ferrous, thus wouldn't be affected by magnetism. I cannot imagine why the sensors would use mercury.

      I assume you'll want to use the sensor at the brake-handle. If so, the small cupped, slotted magnets may be placed under the cable's anchor-end, or positioned behind the cable-retainer; with the cable through the slot. The idea, is that the magnet will move--along with the cable-end--when you squeeze the brake handle. The sensor-part, with the cable, is meant to stay still, mounted on the outside of your brake-handle (with epoxy--is the usual suggestion)

      As described elsewhere, those sensors are quite finicky. They must be quite close to the magnets to work right.

      I suggest spending some time experimenting with positioning things, using an (audible) continuity tester on the sensor's leads.

      Once you know your chosen positioning is going to work, and you've figured out precisely where to position the sensor(s), you can use a two-part epoxy to cement the sensor(s) in place. Do not epoxy the magnets to your cable-ends, or you will not be able to later replace your brake cable. You don't need to glue it in place, just trap the magnet, so it cannot escape.

      What is much simpler and easier, is to just replace your brake handles with new e-bike ones, with built-in switches.

      For my project, I've got to use both kinds--pre-made and simple, as well as glue-together and finicky--because one of my brake-handles is a double-cable type, and it isn't available in an e-bike version (at least not anywhere that I can find).

      I am certain there are pics available of users' successful installations, if you browse around.

      Best of luck!

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        thanks that helped a lot. I had no idea that they even made them.


          You're welcome of course.

          You've got a gorgeous part of America to go riding through--I'm sure you'll make the best of it.

          Good luck with your project!