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Wattage per RPM ??? [Cyclone 3000w]

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    Wattage per RPM ??? [Cyclone 3000w]

    I am wanting to keep the power usage down to about 1300 watts. And that is good enough for a 9% grade with 450lbs.

    Using this gear ratio calculator makes it verCan any one tell me the approxamate wattage the cyclone 3000 puts out at 600 rpms [on 48volts]? I have been trying to estimate the gear reduction I need for a single speed rig, when climbing our steep hills. If no one knows I will have to put it together with all the gears to find the wattage. Then I can tell you. But this will not happen for a few months, untill I can buy the battery pack I need.

    y easy, but I still need an approxamate RPM wattage.

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    If it is as simple as dividing the watts by rpms noted on the Luna cycles data, but is that motor rpms or planitary gear rpms?

    It would be 800rpm ÷ 3000 (calulator input) [or 3000/800] = .2666 or at 1300 watts about 346 rpm??? but of course with 450lbs on 9% grade it will be a bit less? Especially with motorcycle tires? Or will that only affect the speed; the effect being rollng resistance.

    Well only a reality check wil tell for sure. Could some one actually test it out?


      The answer to this question is here: Mt. Goat Cycletruck Gearing


        What is Kv constant on cyclone mid drive 3000w motor. What is the correct pole pairs on the motor specially where you use a 60v lithium battery.


          What rpm of cyclone 3000w mid drive motor with 60 v battery


            What you are looking for is the peak efficiency RPM, but in the real world you will never get it because The motor RPM is directly proportional to the Voltage it is spinning at. So if your battery voltage is 60V, and the motor is 5-RPM/V, it will spin at 300RPM. If that same 5-RPM/V motor is spinning at 150 RPM, the motor voltage is 30V. [Half the rpm = Half the voltage but a lot more Amps witch cerates more heat]. I have done a lot of research for hauling heavy cargo [400 to 450lbs total combined weight] up steep hills [8% to 16% grades] so you may find that info here

            If you want to build a gear reduction for speed or hill climbing it is simple, use this calculator to find something close to the speed you maybe able to use [after subtracting maybe 20% or so]. Then after trying it out in the real world, change your sprockets. []

            There is something like a 6 to 1 reduction in the planetary gears then you have a 14t gear on the motor over to a 44t on the crank set. Then I go from a 40t on the crank to a 28t-18t on the casstte. [I made a two speed gear that actually works on the crank set for the steepest part of the climb but it is very slow at 52v.] And I like to use my new 23”od 17”rim motorcycle tire on the drive wheel. And I do want to build a 72v nominal pack of 240 samsung 29E cells to have more than 2kWh to draw from.

            And I am thinking how a single speed drive would be much better if my arthritic knees could push the pedals. Just two sprocket to think about.

            Google this video title: “Understanding Everything about Hub Motor Drive Systems - Spezi 2020 Live Presentation” He talks about a lot more than hub motors. And this one will be especialy good for heavy cycletrucks:
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              now I am looking for the rpm per volt. that will tell me approximately what amps is going to the motor via the phase wires.


              there are two 3000w motors

              Max speed 900Rpm
              * Rated speed 800Rpm
              * Rated output 3000W
              * Max output 4000W
              * Rated Torque 50Nm
              * Max Torque 100Nm
              * Rated Amp 40A
              * Insulation class E class
              * Driver: External Driver
              * Control method PWM
              *Ambient temperature -15C~40C *Efficiency: 89.6%
              * weight 4.1Kg