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how to tell if i got the right BB size for my cyclone

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    how to tell if i got the right BB size for my cyclone

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    the cyclone drive and hardware are the same...only the bb is different.

    You use a different configuration of the spacers to make your cyclone FAT. The only different part you need is a different BB.

    You need to take off the mounting brackets off your cyclone and take the spacers off and reassemble them into the fat configuration using the spacers differently.

    (picture needed)

    An Important note on Bottom Brackets!

    I just ordered my Cyclone 3000w kit and got it installed. Here is an issue I ran into that should fix most people's quarrels with the square taper Bottom Bracket (bb). My first test ride and there was a TON of play /slop in the spindle/crank arms!

    I have a standard 73mm bb shell and so that is the kit I ordered. However you will note in the photos that after sandwiching in new the motor mounting plates, a washer, and the lock ring... I actually end up with an effective bb shell of about 85mm! And there for making the adjusting cup too short to support the BB appropriately, hence all the slop that I felt during my test ride. In the photo, you can see how far the adjustable cup had to go into the frame before it actually would support the sealed bearing of the bottom bracket. In order to make up for the extra 12mm , I just add another adjusting cup "on top" of the first in order to get the lock washer on the outside of the motor plate. Now the bb feels as it should- no slop!

    I hope you all find this helpful in your builds. Ride on!
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      Welcome any help from a fellow colorado crew. Im planning on converting my 2011 ASR Yeti 7 which has a BB of 73mm. Did the second adjusting cup come your cyclone 3000w kit and would you think the lock washer would work on my set up. What battery would you suggest to fit my frame and would you recommend Lunacycles or another site for purchase? This is the YETI 7 user manual

    radridesit the kits from Luna come with a second 6002 bearing. If you put the second bearing beside the first bearing, the support cup with rest properly on that bearing. If I recall correctly the support cup will then extend ~5 mm past the locking ring.

    There is a more complete discussion on and . The frame in that example also had 73mm bottom bracket shell.