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Correctly wiring the Cyclone

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  • Correctly wiring the Cyclone

    This pic from the manufacturer shows correct wiring for the Cyclone.
    Most of this is straightforward.

    However, make note of the green/yellow wires coming from controller to motor. The wires do not match up by color as you would expect.
    This goes green to orange and yellow to green. Rather than what you might expect, green>green and yellow>orange.
    The connector can only be connected one way though, and this pic confirms this is correct.

    Also keep in mind that when wiring the Oro throttle the wires are also different colors, but still plug into the same place.

    Also see this link:

    HowTo: basic cyclone wiring with pictures
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    You have to be careful when experimenting with finding out which one of the five hall sensor wires is which (when matching a mystery controller to a non-matching motor), but...the three fat motor phase wires can be sampled in any combination without damage to the motor.
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      The notation mentioned regarding the 1st pictures green/yellow wires may not pertain to all controllers apparently. Mine matched color per color and would only go together in that manner.


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        Is that little red wire coming from the throttle plug necessary? I only had that end and nothing on the battery end.

        Guessing that's the voltage signal for the 'fuel' gauge
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          check out the pictures at

          Yes it is for sensing battery voltage at the throttle assembly and sends power for the on-off switch.


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            Thanks fwb

            *palm face* I'm an idiot. It is on the other connector Luna supplies with the motor. I'll crimp it in with the xt90 connector


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              Yah, the number of wires is pretty overwhelming.