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ASI Mac Motor Documentation and Purchase Guide

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    ASI Mac Motor Documentation and Purchase Guide


    This hubmotor is built for standard sized bike dropouts, ~100mm front or ~135mm rear. For measuring your dropouts see this link.

    Motor type and wheel size
    Matching the right wheel size and "turn count" is an important part of building with this product. While all other hubmotors Luna sells balance torque and top speed, the Mac options are built for extremes. 6T vs 12T turn count: 6T is best paired with a small rim (this is a fast wind) 12T is best with larger rim sizes (this is a slower wind but much more torque). It is your responsibility to pick an appropriate combination, choose wisely and ask the community for advice if you are unsure.

    Below are basic estimates and as such can vary but this will give an idea of what to expect.

    Turn count Wheel size Max speed Torque Recommended?
    12T 700C 23 MPH HIGH Yes
    12T 26" 22 MPH VERY HIGH Yes (Low max speed though)
    12T 20" 18 MPH HIGHEST Maybe (Highest torque but lowest speed)
    6T 700C N/A** LOWEST NO
    6T 26" 38** LOW Maybe (Only for advanced user )
    6T 20" 32 MPH MEDIUM Yes
    Turn count Wheel size Max speed Torque Recommended?
    12T 700C 22 MPH HIGH Yes
    12T 26" 21 MPH VERY HIGH Yes (Low max speed though)
    12T 20" 17 MPH HIGHEST Maybe (Highest torque but lowest speed)
    6T 700C N/A** LOWEST NO
    6T 26" 38** LOW Maybe (Only for advanced user )
    6T 20" 31 MPH MEDIUM Yes

    **Over 38mph theoretically : Top speed will depend on your bike (weight, tire pressure, tire width, position on the ebike, surface wind speed ...) and the controller will probably cut the power before you reach that speed because you will have reached the thermal rolldown of the motor!

    The speeds are simulated loaded speeds under no wind and 0% grade on a regular bike with regular tires (unloaded max speed not shown)

    12T: Good for trikes, pedicabs, heavy cargo bikes, or if a high torque motor is what you are looking for!
    6T: You want as small a wheel as possible, and know your torque will be half as much as a 12T

    Front vs. Rear
    For 95 percent of users we recommend a rear motor rather than a front motor. The front 12T motors are high turn high torque, and were designed for pedicab and other users with high load, high torque applications (low top speed with 12 turn motor). Front or rear, always use the torque arms on both sides and do your research about proper installation. Every bike is different and fitting a hub motor to a bike is always a custom installation. Motors like this can put a lot of strain on the drop outs, and precautions must be taken that you do not snap your drop outs which can be catastrophic on a front wheel drive. Never install a high power hub motor on the front wheel with a front suspension fork, the torque of these motors will snap it.

    Warning: We only recommend front wheel motors for advanced users, and only with steel (non suspension forks). Incorrectly mounting a powerful hub motor like this can be dangerous. Only take this on if you are familiar with the risks. Likely you want a torque arm on both sides.


    • The Mac motor uses a 32 magnet, 16 pair pole motor, 120 degree.
    • An internal 5:1 planetary gear with clutch is implemented.
    • New stronger Composite Gears are now standard
    • 6 turn high speed motor - 520rpm loaded at 48V
    • 12 turn low speed extra torque motor - 250rpm loaded at 48V

    Accepts disk brake and 7 speed freewheel with standard 135mm rear dropout.


    Throttle Options
    Click each picture to see the full description of each throttle type available including the varying features.
    click image for link to descriptionClick image for larger version  Name:	image.png Views:	1 Size:	164.9 KB ID:	55154Click image for larger version  Name:	image.png Views:	1 Size:	162.3 KB ID:	55155Click image for larger version  Name:	image.png Views:	1 Size:	149.3 KB ID:	55340

    The controller for this kit is a custom programmed sinewave controller with specially built wiring harness. Sinewave means:
    • Highest possible efficiency
    • Very smooth power ramping
    • Much more quiet motor operation compared to standard controllers

    Click image for larger version  Name:	image.png Views:	1 Size:	119.4 KB ID:	55373
    Click picture for full description of controller. This kit is only sold with ASI as this controller is needed for throttle compatibility.
    However we do see the bare Mac motor here if you prefer.

    Lacing Options
    Typically we offer this built in several wheel sizes. This is a custom hand-built lacing job using DT Swiss Champion II spokes, high quality spoke nipples, spoke prep and Alex Rims. See our recommendations above for good combinations of size and motor type. We also have an option with no lacing if you would like to build wheel yourself or have this done by your local bike shop.

    Add a battery
    Currently this listing features a couple shark packs. Many other batteries are also available in the battery section that are compatible, including 48v, 52v and 60v.

    Charger options
    If the charger is bought on same listing with battery any adapter needed to connect will be included. Click the pictures below to visit the listing and see featuresets for each charger type. There are essentially three types: Standard (very basic and durable), Mini (good features at a good price), and Advanced (lots of features)
    Click image for larger versionName:	image.pngViews:	1Size:	111.9 KBID:	55341Click image for larger versionName:	image.pngViews:	1Size:	139.4 KBID:	55342Click image for larger versionName:	image.pngViews:	1Size:	80.8 KBID:	55343

    Solder Sleeves
    These are a simple tool for wiring from battery to controller, very easy to use. Alternately you could crimp or solder, though it may take more time/money.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	image.png Views:	1 Size:	227.6 KB ID:	55344

    Batt-Man Display
    This kit works perfectly with no display needed, and can also use something simple like the readout on the throttles we offer. This display is a high end optional addon for those that want an in-depth easy to use interface that is programmable, shows speed, accurate battery gauge and much more. Click the picture for description.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	image.png Views:	1 Size:	118.2 KB ID:	55345

    Assorted info
    • Limiting temp (foldback): Starting temp 100*C, ending temp 120*C
    • This motor does not work with cassettes and you need to install a screw-on freewheel instead.

    This is programmed for 1700w, and you need to make sure your battery can handle the amperage.
    Theoretically this kit could also use a 36v pack but it is unlikely any commercial pack will handle that amount of current required to produce 1700W.

    Controller support: Luna only supports the controller for the settings we provide
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    This is a great guide and your throttle options got me thinking about other possibilities. The only thing though what about the controller options.


    • paxtana
      paxtana commented
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      Good point. Updated with controller info.
      I do not expect we will have other controller options but we do sell the controller for a few motor types and we sell the bare Mac on a separate listing.

    Can the 12T be built into a fat bike wheel to fit a 135mm front dropout?


      Originally posted by New Mariner View Post
      Can the 12T be built into a fat bike wheel to fit a 135mm front dropout?
      According to the drawing, the length of the axle is 170mm. That would make it close, but most front forks are steel so it should be no problem to squeezing them down 10mm.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	front_motor__40544.1513462611.wdp.jpg
Views:	4489
Size:	161.1 KB
ID:	58381

      You will have to space it up with washers.


        Is this motor available in a 12 T 135mm version? (Right now the 12T only appears to be available with 100mm spacing.)


        • paxtana
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          Not at the moment sorry.

        • BigJim
          BigJim commented
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          I notice some products allow you to configure and be emailed when available, this one does not. "Not at the moment" implies "maybe someday". Should I assume backorders aren't available, or perhaps there is no intention to restock? I can tell I shouldn't have waited until after Ground Hog Day to get started on this project.

        • paxtana
          paxtana commented
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          It is not an out of stock option that can be selected because we never had that size in 12t. There may be other sources if you need that specifically.

          When we restock months from now we will be getting different sizes and windings, but for now this is our selection.

        Thanks for the clarification ,it is greatly appreciated.


          A 12T would be better for a fat bike.


            Has anyone tried the Mac on a Pedicab? I have a front 20" wheel. Would you recommend the 12t for my Pedicab?


            • paxtana
              paxtana commented
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              12t would be perfect on 20" a pedicab. It is at the furthest end of the torque spectrum so particularly well suited for high torque / low speed applications. This is assuming you don't need more than around 18mph, I don't know how fast pedicabs tend to ride at.

            Can this motor be used with a Fat Tire bike?I currently have a BBSHD and find it to be great! Is this motor as durable? I understand it has more torque and is faster.


              Yes, assuming it fits the dropouts.

              Typically a geared hubmotor is slightly more durable than a mid drive since it has less moving parts so yes it is as durable or more durable.

              In theory if the hubmotor is built using the right wind and rim size it could possibly match bbshd in torque or speed, but like the documentation above lays out, this will be highly dependent on what wind you pick and what wheel it is built into.

              A typical fatbike uses 26" rim but due to the tires the effective wheel diameter is closer to a 700c (29er). Referencing the table above 12t with 700c wheelsize will provide torque on par with bbshd but a bit less top speed.


              • Max-Ebike
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                Thank you for the info. Will Luna build a 26" Fat Tire with this motor? If so, how can I order one?

              • paxtana
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                Not currently set up to do that so I would typically recommend getting it as bare motor and having a local bike shop do the build. I can check if we can add it as an option if you want, it depends on if we have rims.

              Thank you, please let me know if that can be an option.


                Will they lace the Mac rear hub motor to a 26 "rim and if not, why not?


                  You would have to build your own hub wheel or get someone to do it. Luna is not building wheels at the present


                    We need to order more 26" DM24 rims before we can do so.


                      Do you think this will happen in the near future? If so it would be very helpful. I'm sure I can do it but I would much rather have a pro do it and I really want to do a build with a Mac rear hub motor, I have heard good things about them. Unfortunately I would have to go about 50 miles to find a bike shop. Thanks for the reply.


                      • paxtana
                        paxtana commented
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                        No, not in the near future. I have it listed on our important todo list but even if it were ordered today it would take considerably long to arrive.