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Bafang 48-52v 750w Geared Fat Motor Kit (for rear wheel)

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    Bafang 48-52v 750w Geared Fat Motor Kit (for rear wheel)

    Does Luna have motor Documentation and purchase guide for
    Also is motor specifications the same as RM G060.750.DC,

    I bought that kit and there is no Bafang documentation for this or any other Bafang fat hub motor that I have ever seen, outside of what you linked on the Bafang site. What specifics are you looking to find out?

    The motor you linked is the same, except the Bafang site shows it using the small G9 plug. I've never seen a 750 sold with that small plug. They all have the big one Luna shows in its product pics. No idea what its part designation is but the smaller plug is commonly available on the 250's, 350's and some 500w models. Scuttlebutt I have heard is if you buy a 750 with the small plug its really a lower-rated motor with '750' on the casing.


      The hub is a true 750-watt motor, thanks.

      Please see attached Sun Seeker Fat Tad info (pdf files)
      • Front Frame - Tadpole Crank Boom, Chromoly Steel, 100mm BB Shell
      • Rear Hub - Alloy, 36H x 14G, 190mm dropout
      • 8 speed cassette
      • 2 torque arms
      • Torque sensor and thumb throttle

      Looking for electric conversion with a plug for Grin-V3 Cycle Analyst- CA3-DP and Grin Phaserunner-controller.
      Gladly appreciate all suggestions and considerations for a conversion kit.
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        Hah funny I was just looking at this trike with a conversion in mind myself early this morning.

        I would take care to ensure I knew the difference in the internal appearance of each as some motors sold from other vendors have been opened up and found to be bogus as described in my earlier post.

        These CA3's use the smaller plug. If anyone can make a custom variant with the large one its the guy who runs this shop. He's done some great work for me in the past, although what I wanted was ridiculously simple by his standards I am sure.