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Cruiser frame pack?

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  • Cruiser frame pack?

    Not wanting to get something custom made I am looking for a frame pack that will provide the beste fit on a cruiser bike. Specifically the Electra Cruiser.

    Thanks for ideas!

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    Well lets see the possibilities are endless

    This is a standard Electra 2015 Coaster 7. It's the same as a 7D Lux. It has a Luna 52 volt 24 amp in a Luna bag.

    Click image for larger version

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    Note the air gap at the top of the seat tube and the bend in the front of the bag. The battery has a pad of closed cell shipping material where it rests on the BBSHD. This was as close as I could come to squaring up the bag/battery with my seat tube.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2017_06_27_11_50_56_ProShot.jpg
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    This is the same bike/battery combo. I wanted to point out the water bottle holder that I cut and spread to hold the bottom of the bag in place over the motor. It's a good trick.

    Click image for larger version

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    This is the same setup in an Electra Fat cruiser. The triangle on this frame is a little larger and the pak fits better.
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      Optimus Prime and Moarpower make great use of Harley handle bar bags and Minis in this thread.


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        Luna had a 3 X 3 X 8 rectangular 10 amp battery that would also fit in a handlebar bag but I don't know if they will ever restock it.
        There was also a 4 X 6 X 8 that had great possibilities but I haven't seen it in a year.

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      That Luna bag looks to work good, and I like your little bottle holder mod.

      Unfortunately luna seem to be out of these.

      Endless possibilities may be a little strong? More suggestions for a frame triangle bag?

      Will be going on a electra fat cruiser.


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        yes sorry we are out of these...should have them back in stock wtihin 2 weeks time...sorry for this.


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          Originally posted by ilikebikes View Post

          Will be going on a electra fat cruiser.
          Since you are using an Electra Fat cruiser maybe that new 28 amp triangle would fit. Moving to that 24 amp triangle was the best move I have made with the bike. I can now go anywhere without range anxiety.

          My Luna bag doesn't support the battery. The battery is held up by large wire ties inside the bag and they are then tied to the frame. The bag is only covering the battery.


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            I'll be using a might mini battery, so the frame pack is intended for gear/food/lock etc.